Crystals and gemstones all have different magickal and therapeutic values depending on the tradition of Wicca within which you are working. This is an especially rich field for the solitary practitioner who is free to work with

the crystal and gem correspondences that speak to them most powerfully.

It would be almost impossible, as is the case with plants, to compile a full and comprehensive list of crystals and all of their meanings and associates, but these are some of the most popularly accepted.

  • Agate – Associated with the element Earth, agatehas healing powers for the mind and is used to treat depression and to raise energy. In magickal association, agate will elicit the truth and generate new perspectives, and is useful in overcoming sadness and loneliness.
  • Amber – Associated with the element of Fire, and connected to the Sun, amberis used to tread disorders of the eye and of the throat. It provides clarity, confidence, protection, and strength.
  • Amethyst – Associated with the element of Water, amethysthas astrological connections for those born under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces. It is used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression and will sharpen the mind and intuitive powers during rituals as well as cleans and clear the sacred space.
  • Bloodstone – Associated with the element of fire, bloodstone (also known as heliotrope) is connected to all issue involving blood and the circulatory system. It is a stone of general healing and one that is used magickally in working involving fertility, abundance, and money.
  • Carnelian – An element of grounding, carnelianhas healing qualities associated with infertility and impotence and is believed to stop excessive bleeding. Magickally it is used to shield the bearer against psychic attack.
  • Diamond – Linked to the elements of Air and Fire, diamondshave healing powers associated with sexual dysfunction and reproduction. In magickal use, diamond are used for intuitive work, meditation, astral travel, and scrying.
  • Garnet – Associated with Fire, garnetis the stone most associated with the goddesss Persephone. It is used to heal reproductive disorders and is strongly tied to female, moon magic.
  • Hematite – Associated with Fire and used to heal inflammation, infection, fevers, and blood disorders, hematiteis a protective stone, especially of the home. It also gives the user confidence, strengthens the willpower, and aids in psychic awareness and problem solving.
  • Jade – Associated with the Earth and connected to healing of the internal organs, jadeis also used to promote longevity and is a symbol of serenity, pure love, truthfulness, and innocence.
  • Jasper – Associated with the Earth, jasperis used in therapies against cancer and blood disorders, and is a stone of grounding and centering for ritualistic purposes. It also brings good luck to the person who carries or wears it.
  • Lapis Lazuli – A stone linked to the element of Water, lapisis used to lift the spirits and treat depression. In magickal workings, especially meditation and trance work, lapis alters the consciousness and connects the wearer more directly to the divine.
  • Moonstone– A stone of Water and connected to the Moon, this is a goddess sone with great healing powers for women. It is used in Goddess rituals, especially those related to intuition and wisdom.
  • Obsidian – A stone of the element Fire, obsidianwill draw toxins out of the body, especially the liver, and is often used in energy work. It has protective properties and is excellent for magickal workings involving intuition and scrying.
  • Opal – Associated with all of the elements, opalscan be substituted for any other crystal and are used in emotional and spiritual healing. They are protective stones that will enhance magickal workings and will absorb any energy into which they come into contact, positive or negative.
  • Quartz, Rose – Associated with the Air, Rose Quartzis a stone of the heart, offering healing in matters of love and relationship. Its magickal uses involve all kinds of associations, from friendship to the romantic.
  • Quartz, White – White quartzis associated with all of the elements and is used in healing rituals as well as serving as a tool to connect to the Divine. It is a stone of intuition and spiritual development and growth.
  • Sapphire – Associated with Water and used to heal disorders of the respiratory system and throat, sapphiresare used magickally to contact spirit guides and in prophecy.
  • Tiger’s Eye – A stone of the element Fire, tiger’s eyeenhances overall physical health and energy and is used magickally in rituals of protection and courage.
  • Turquoise – A stone associated with Water, turquoisetreats disorders of the stomach and eye as well as helping to heal broken bones. It is a stone of wisdom, healing, and intuition in magick.
  • Zircon – Associated with the element of Fire, zirconsare useful in overall healing and for rituals of love, beauty, peace, and relationships. Due to their similarity to diamond, zircons can be substituted for diamonds in the workings of some traditions.

There is no hard and fast rule for finding a stone that works for you personally. Stones must, however, be chosen by the individual. The best way is to simply handle the stones, feel their energy, and use your intuition.

Once you have purchased a stone or stones, hold them under running water to cleanse them, allow them to sit in the moonlight overnight, cover them with salt in a bowl, or let them sit in sunlight for several hours.