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Paganism: An Introductory Guide

A great starting place!
“A great starting place for anyone interested in Paganism in general or are just starting out on the Pagan path. This little gem of a book introduces you to the tools and pantheons used within general Paganism and Witchcraft/Druidry. Not for the advanced practitioner but definitely a wonderful resource for the Seeker!”

Really nice book, nicely written
“Really nice book, nicely written, if this subject holds any interest for you then this book is a good place to start.”

Informative and well written
“Excellent research makes this a valuable asset for beginners.!”

Wicca: The Practitioner’s Introductory Guide

Highly Recommended Introductory Guide
“This book is true to its title and I highly recommend it as an introductory guide to Wicca. These is simply a ton of useful and insightful information in a concise manner. If you are new to Wicca or still “figuring it all out” this is a must read. Covers was most intro guides cover but offers much more too. I particularly found the chapter on the ethics and principles of Wicca to be amazing and not easily found in other books I have purchased. Equally praised are the chapters on Modern Wicca and The Wiccan Deities. This should be on the bookshelf of all practitioners or curious.”

Very fast shipping. Very informative. Thank you!

Tarot Reading Explained

Excellent Read
The author gets right to the point. After a brief history of the tarot the meaning of each card is explained. She doesn’t bog down the reader with symbolism until she gets to the end of the book and gives an “exercise” of how to read a card. She gives the 2 most popular layouts with a brief explanation of each. As a starting reference, this book is a quick read and gives the beginner a good place to start
-Amazon Customer

Santeria for Beginners

Good choice for education purchase
Good explanations of what santeria is. Very clear and understandable. Any reader will be able to follow to the end.

I would recommend
This was an informative book and an easy read. I learned quite a bit and was inspired to further research Santeria and other related religious traditions.

An Excellent Primer.
Detailed, clear, but cautioning. De Riley Star concisely introduces the reader to Santeria and the fundamental mysteries of the Orisha.

Voodoo: An Introductory Guide

Good Read
Good informative read if interested in learning more about Voodoo. Not everything is covered , however it breaks down the Belize system and covers the history as we know it. Definitely worth it if voodoo piques your interest.

Quick and excellent read!
Excellent and quick read if you’re interested in world religions. The author is very clear and points out important aspects. I’ve learned a lot about the topic from this, it sorts out fact from fiction! The author also doesn’t pressure you into any beliefs, but to use your own as you read, which I respect entirely. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone since voodoo stereotypes are everywhere.

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