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First Steps to Becoming a Witch

Praying MonkWiccan or witchcraft is a pagan belief and a religion of nature. It’s a process that requires learning, from the core principle of the religion to living the Wiccan lifestyle. If you’re thinking of becoming a witch, then here are the first few things you need to know.

Study the Religion

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to know as much as possible about the religion, from its origin, history, philosophies, different variations, etc. This will give you a good firm grasp about the religion, and from there, you can move up and learn as you go. There are tons of ways to learn Wiccan beliefs, you can study through books, journals, read articles, blogs, and various information online. You can even join forums and introduce yourself as someone new to the religion, and many will guide you through.

Since Wiccan is a religion of nature, you can get a better feel by learning from books and sermons in stones. Go out and appreciate nature; watch the birds fly, watch the sunrise and sunset, notice the sky and the clouds. Whatever you do, look with wonder. You can have a notebook and jot down why you really want this religion. Visualize the gods and goddesses of nature. Of course, you should always be honest to yourself. This little notebook will become your ‘Book of Shadows.’

Explore Magic

Contrary to what many people think, magic (also spelled as magick) is NO hocus pocus. It’s not about bending the laws of physics to make something out of nothing, or bend the laws of nature just to get something that will satisfy your needs. The magic in Wiccan is about raising and channeling energy that is already within you and bring that energy in harmony with your surroundings – nature to get your desired results.

Of course, before you can explore magic, you should be familiar with its fundamental principles. This includes calling quarters, casting circles, raising energies, directing energies, invoking the gods and/or goddesses, and lastly, grounding, centering and closing your circle.

In performing magic and spells, you have to be familiar with the factors needed to perform them. Different spells and magic require different variables. Common factors in witchcraft spell casting includes the various phases of the moon, waxing, growing full and waning, and the moon’s effect on your (the spell caster) mood and body.

Also, Wiccan religion requires meditation and visualization exercises. These will help improve the spell caster’s concentration and focus, which are very important in harnessing the powers of nature and calling/invoking the gods and goddesses. Meditation and visualization will teach your mind to be calm, still and quiet, which are crucial to hear the voice of the gods and goddesses, when they call.

img4There are various sources of energy and power that you will need to derive from, such as the moon and the stars, the Sun and Earth.

Learn the Basic Spell Casting

From here, you can learn the basic and simple spells. There are tons of rituals and tutorials out there, especially online. Of course, don’t go word-for-word when you cast them. Dedicate yourself to becoming a witch by becoming particular with the ethical aspects of spell casting. And lastly, NEVER use magic to harm others, as karma will come back at you.

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