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According to shamanism, the key to a successful visualization is to add another dimension to it through integrating nature and using all of the senses. The spirit of all of nature to them is the true source of power. Natural beings and nature itself is 3 – dimensional which is why shamans re – create their visions in a 3 – dimensional way by incorporation the senses of sound, sight, smell, touch, and even taste.

As an example, say you’re to re – create or imagine an apple, what you need to do to “see it” in your mind is to imagine feeling the apple in your hands, imagine how it smells, and hear the crunch as you bite and taste it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to use your natural surroundings to further enhance your visualization. Say for example, you’re imaging yourself relaxing on a beach in a soft surface; you may want to sit on or lie down on something that’s really soft or cushiony because it will aid your ability to really picture whatever’s in your mind. According to shamans, natural objects like grass, climate or soil have more power than synthetic materials so try to incorporate it when you’re doing visualization. Here are some exercises you can try to increase your focus and your senses:

Exercise #1:

Step #1: Close your eyes and make sure to relax your body.

Step #2: Using your sense of touch, you can explore your surrounding

Step #3: Try to listen to all the sounds around you

Step #4: Make sure to notice all the smells around you and the overall atmosphere

Step #5: Notice all of the 3 senses simultaneously.

Exercise #2:

Step #1: Choose a certain fruit and see it physically

Step #2: Close your eyes, and picture the fruit in your mind. Feel it in your hands

Step #3: Smell the fruit and begin to eat it

Step #4: Focus on the taste of the apple

Exercise #3:

Step #1: Choose a physical object

Step #2: Close your eyes and relax

Step #3: Re – create that object in your mind

Step #4: Focus on the aspects of the object and see it in great detail using all your senses

Step #5: Describe each of the object’s quality in natural terms or as vivid as you can

Step #6: Imagine the picture changes using natural qualities

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