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Do this method if you want to attract someone who has pretty much the same interests that you have. It’s not necessarily limited to a romantic lover as you can also end up finding a true friend or colleague which can turn your life around – though the purpose of this technique is to invite someone whom you can share your joy and interests with the possibility of falling in love.

Prepare the following items:

  • Pink or rose – colored candle
  • Vanilla Oil
  • Fireproof dish
  • Match or lighter
  • Bowl of sunflower seeds
  • Ring (containing any of these gems; Emerald, Ruby, Jade, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire)


Step #1: Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.

Step #2: Bring all the materials you need with you. Sit down and meditate by closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and relaxing your body. Try to be at peace and empty your mind.

Step #3: Open your eyes whenever you’re ready to start.

Step #4: Pour vanilla oil unto the pink candle. You can rub the oil on the sides of the candle until it’s completely anointed with it. While doing this, try to imagine a person who shares your interests being drawn to you, in a way that he/ she is attracted to the scent of the vanilla oil.

Step #5: Place the pink candle on the fireproof dish and light it up. Spend some time gazing at the candle flame. As the candle burns, know that the person with whom you share your joy with will be guided towards you through the light.

Step #6: Using the candle’s light, you can then energize the sunflower seeds. Create a small layer of the seeds within the bowl and make sure to evenly spread it out. This is how your ring will be energized. Close your eyes while your hands are placed over the bowl of seeds. Imagine a pink – colored light emanating from your hands to the sunflower seeds; visualize yourself charging the seeds with energies of love.

Step #7: Once you felt that the seeds are filled with enough amounts of love energies, you can now open your eyes and place your ring on it. This will allow the powerful love energies of the ring to combine with yours.

Step #8: Leave the ring on the bed of seeds until the candle is burned down so that it can fully absorb and combine with your love energy.

Step #9: Once the candle has burned down, you can now take the ring and wear it. Keep an open heart and mind to attract the right person and in order for that person to find his/ her way to you.

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