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Unfortunately for the Wiccan society, the term Wicca and witchcraft has been misused countless of times in human history, causing it to lose its true meaning. The customary belief that any Pagan religion can be called witchcraft and that witchcraft pays tribute to evil, and practitioners of the religion can put curses, hex and hurt anyone really hurt the religion. Contrary to what most people believe, Wiccan religion is about peace, love and harmonious way of living. And spells can be used to promote love.

There are tons of short spells that Wiccans or even non-Wiccan practitioner can cast themselves, and they don’t involve hurting others. Love spells for example, bring out love that is already within us and improve the magnetic attraction between two individuals by making a spiritual link.

If you’re looking for some love spells to bring someone’s attention, then you have landed to the right page. In this entry, we will share to your some of the simple love spells you can cast yourself.

Basic Love Spell

Things you’ll need:

  •  A photo of the person you desire (optional)
  • A blank piece of paper cut in heart shape, preferably red or pink
  • A pen, preferably red or pink
  • Rose quartz or amethyst stone. You can also use a small tumble stone
  • 1 green or pink candle, or nightlight

Having a photograph of the person you want to catch of can help. If not, then simply write his or her name on the piece of paper, as names there is already lots of powers in names.

Casting the Spell

First Step

Find a nice and quiet place where you can perform the spell and won’t be disturbed. Your best bet is your bedroom. Look for a safe spot where you can place the candle.

Second Step

After getting all the supplies, put the candle next to the photo. Again, make sure the candle is safe.

Third Step

Write the name of the person on the heart-shaped paper. Then, place the paper beside the candle, opposite side of the photography, should you have one.

Fourth Step

Put the stone (amethyst or rose quartz) in front of the burning candle. Then, sit in front of the candle and close your eyes. Visualize the person in the picture to your mind, and silently, tell that person how much you like him or her and your desires. After you have said your desired, open your eyes and say “so be it, and it harm none.”


Keep the piece of paper as well as the stone in your pocket. Also, place the heart-shaped paper you have written a name on under your pillow.

If you can, hand the stone (amethyst or rose quartz) as a gift to the person you desired. If not, then keep the stone to yourself.

Wiccans consider love spells as white magic, which means you need not to worry about causing harm to the person you desire by forcing him or her to like you back. Rather, love spells sends a beam of energy to your desired persons as your message of invitation of your affection.

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