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Casting a spell is a ritual that focuses powerful energy to an intention to manifest its goal. When it comes to casting love spells, your goal is to send a strong, powerful positive intention to get what you want; which would be the attention and affection of the person you want to fall in love with you. Casting love spell is not difficult, after all, love is already all around us – it waits for us to get it. Here are some examples of love spells that almost immediately works, even before you even finish casting them.

These are simple and basic love spells that don’t require astrological charts or exotic ingredients.

Love Spell of Resilient Prima Facie

Though considered as one of the more complicated spells to cast out there, prima facie love spell is definitely worth the effort.

Things You will Need

A pen

A recycled paper (recycled)

Step 1:

Using the pen, write a poem of praise for the Goddess in the recycled paper. It doesn’t have to be poetic, or good, just write something to praise the Goddess. Also, keep your poem short. It can be a rhyming prayer. Include your feeling s and the things you want and need to have. Feel comfortable with it; let the words flow. At the end of your poem, say you are thankful for Goddess’ generosity.

Step 2:

Fold your paper into half so words will be inside. On the exterior side the paper, draw the triple goddess sign. Again, fold it to hide the symbol on the inside of the fold. On the outside side of the paper, draw the pentacle sign (a circle with a star inside).

Step 3:

On the other side of the paper, write down your name with your birth mark. Keep it in a place and never touch the paper again until your spells comes true.


If you happen to touch the paper before the spell had been fulfilled, then you need to burn the piece of paper and spread its ashes to the ground, and cast the spell again.

Should you have a change of heart before the spell has come true, cancel the spell by burning the paper, then spread its ashes to the ground.

Spell to Get Love Fast

Things you’ll need:

Vanilla extract (new bottle, choose pure, NOT imitations)

Step 1:

Remove the bottle’s lid and imagine a bright of beam of deep red light shining from your mind, through your eyes and to the bottle, turning the bottle in crimson-red color as well. While you envision the light shining the bottle, chant these words:

“As red as blood flowing through my heart,

Liquid, bring me the love that never part,

Bring it soon, bring it fast,

A love that is strong, a lot that will last!”

Step 2:

Sprinkle a couple of drops in the corners of your bedroom. Then, tighten the lid of the bottle and place the bottle under you mattress. Then, wait for love to arrive.

Parting Tips

Love spells may come with risks. Thus, never use them to simply lure the person you lust, but don’t want to be with. You could be bound to that person through ethereal energies. Thus, be very careful to whom you cast your love spells.


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