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Wiccan spells are used by Wicca practitioners to harness the energy of nature and bring about change in their life, and NOT on someone else’s. Furthermore, there are countless of spells you can use to improve your daily living, from changing bad habits, banishing negative energy, safe travel, sound and peaceful sleep, protection, love, etc. Many Wicca-dedicated websites out there offer free Wicca spells.

Many who are new to Wiccan tradition mistake free spells as different from other witchcraft spells. The truth however, is that, the free spells you find online and advanced spells you find in books, journals, or someone else’s ‘book of shadows’ (a witch’s journal) are the same, and there’s not much need to distinguish them from one another. 

Free Wicca Spells

To start with, you should know that not all spells are the same, in terms of doing them. Advanced spells are much harder to cast, and will require more ingredients that the others. But for beginners who are still into developing the witch inside them, practicing basic spells is the first step to be good at spell casting. Here are two basic free Wiccan spells you can practice to better oneself.

Spell to Get Rid of Bad Habit

Many of us don’t have the willpower to overcome our bad habits, especially addiction. It is important to seek professional help to solve addiction, before performing this ritual.

Things you’ll need:

  • Anointing oil
  • Black candle
  • Sharp object to inscribe the candle

You can use cedar, clove, sandalwood, or rosemary as your banishing oil, as these types of oil contain strong banishing energy.

Casting the spell

Draw your circle as you normally do, then use your burin (or any sharp object you usually use) to inscribe the bad habits you want to banish to the candle.

Then, use the anointing oil to anoint the candle and chant these words:

“Unwanted habits, be gone.
Leave when the candle is done.
Candle burn to remove all ill
By the power of my will.”

As you say these words, concentrate on your habits and visualize them burning away, the way the candle burn and melts the wax. Allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Do this spell during the waning phase of the moon, if possible, on a Saturday.

Harmony and Peace Spell

Wiccans believe in harmony of energies in nature and the importance of peace. This ritual will help the spell caster move to the direction of peace and harmony and release negative energy from the body the daily life.

  • Violet cloth with nice pattern
  • Purple candle
  • Flat dish
  • Salt
  • Lavender incense

Casting the spell


Place the purple candle to the violet cloth. Then, put some salt to the dish and place it next to the cloth. Light the incense and breathe deeply. Have a good rhythm in your breathing before lighting the candle. Then, draw a pentacle to the sale as you say these words in still voice:

“By air, fire, water, earth and spirit
Listen to my prayer, all those who hear it.
Let there be peace and harmony
Blessed be.
Wild and Free”

Chant these incantations nine times, and then get back to your single tone. Breathe deep and visualize being enveloped with peace and harmony. Turn off the candle with thankfulness.

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