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Love Spell to Get the Affection of a Specific Person


Love spells are used to promote affection between two individuals, they’re one of the most commonly used spells in history and haves its own place in the magical community. When done correctly, love spells attracts real lover, and it is never harmful for its romantic direction, or for its caster.

Many people, out of ignorance, see love spells as a way to manipulate a person, depriving the person of his/her free will. This however, is NOT the real purpose of love spells, and any experienced witch or spell caster will avoid this type of crude spell at all cost. This is because crude spells that deprive a person of his or her free will is not only difficult to do, but it is against Wiccan’s code. Also, it can be less successful than regular attraction spells.

Love spells brings out the love that we already have within us, by releasing love, there will be an improved magnetic attraction between two individuals through the created spiritual or energetic link. If two individuals realize their affection for each other, love spell will not cut them from their free will. Anyone, if he or she chooses to, can decide to avoid the other. But when the two are already attracted and in love to each other, they don’t usually go against the spell.

The romantic direction will subconsciously feel the energy, making them more receptive to the spell caster’s love. As a white magick spell, it doesn’t work by forcing anyone to love someone. Rather, it purifies the bond between the two individuals, strengthening it with energy of love, causing the target to love the spell caster back, if his or her free will permits it.


To cast a love spell to acquire the love of a specific person, you will need the following:

  • A red pen
  • A piece of paper (3×3 inches)
  • A cauldron or any safe place to contain fire (ashtray will do in a pinch)

Perform this spell during night time. Cast your circle and then light a fire in the cauldron. Use the red pen to draw a heard on the 3×3 piece of paper. Inside that heart, write the name of the specific person who you wish to attract. When doing all these things, imaging a beam of pink light energy flowing from your heart straight to the paper. Use your love for the person as an energy, and imagine that person being bathed in the gentle, soft beam of light.

Then, kiss the name you wrote on the paper three times. Place the paper in the fire and let it burn. As you burn the paper, speak these incantations three times.

“My heart ablaze and shining, this love I do send to thee, If you find a place in your heart to love me, by the greatest good, so mote it be”

Then, close your circle. You have already cast the love spell!

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