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How to develop clairvoyance? There are different types of divination but the major ones are astrology, tarot, geomancy, the I Ching, and also clairvoyance which is a form of direct psychic means. Forms of divination are usually used when one is performing a magic ritual because it is how a magician can communicate with spiritual beings or entities. How to develop clairvoyance? It’s more than a mechanical system, and it also implies psychic receiving or interpretation. How to develop clairvoyance? Since divination happens in the mind, this means that it can be affected and biased by one’s mind. The divination process and its interpretations (ceremonial magic, tarot reading, astrology etc.) can also be altered by the attitude, fears, and emotions of the one’s self.

Use of Divination

Just like in any other fields, the use of magic or divination can alter one’s life or the outcome but not always. Using such methods can show tendencies which can be helpful to an individual, though it’s not supposed to be something that rules a person’s life because nothing is absolute because we don’t really know what the future holds, and it’s always changing.

Are You Ready to Develop Clairvoyance?

How to develop clairvoyance? As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Even if nothing’s perfect, practicing can help a person develop and improve abilities for one to become excellent and close to perfection. It’s the same thing when trying to develop your psychic abilities.

Most people think that it’s not real, but we do have the ability to influence our life and the world around us if we only know how to do it. If you want to become a magician or someone who wanted to learn the art of ceremonial magic, one of the skills or abilities you need to enhance is your natural clairvoyance.

As mentioned earlier, visualization is very essential when doing ceremonial magic, developing your clairvoyance ability is also a good exercise for visualization. Here are some steps on how to do it:

Step #1:

Look at the environment around you then close your eyes, and see that same environment/ surrounding in your mind.

Step #2:

Open your eyes and check how accurate you imagined it. The results will not always be perfect but if you keep doing this, you’ll improve your imagination/ visualization skills.

Step #3:

This time before you repeat the exercise, use your physical eyes and see everything as if you’re a child. Try to see the vividness of the color, focus on the details and the same time the surrounding as a whole until it all takes a glow. Close your eyes again, and repeat step #1.Capture this glow once you close your eyes, and picture the surroundings in your mind.

Step #4:

Keep doing this, and also try out visualizing things in a different surrounding like a room, a building, a city, nature, the other side of the world etc. 

Step #5:

Do this exercise at least several times a day if you can. You just have to get it partly right, of course the more accurate, the better because that’s how you know your clairvoyant abilities are improving.

Seeing Auras

The aura is the colored light or perhaps a glow that one can see in other people. Using your clairvoyant abilities, the aura is sometimes seen as multi – colored glow around a person with various color layers and different zones. There are lots of occultists that claims to see an aura very easily but under varied condition but it could also just be optical illusions because sometimes the sight qualities can trick a person into thinking that he/she sees something of which one cannot see; this is the quality of sight known as the after image.

Try doing these steps:

Step #1:

Stare at solid bright colored objects for a few seconds. Intense colors like red, green and blue will do the trick.

Step #2:

Then look away, and stare at a white surface, usually what you’ll see is the phantom image of the bright colored object in its complementary colors (red objects will be seen as green; blue will be seen as orange etc.)

Flashing Colors

If this bright object is placed in front of a light surface, you’ll most likely see a fringe of complementary colors around such object after a few seconds. Such observations are normal, and are also used by some magic occult groups to aid in the visualization process – this technique is known as flashing colors. Don’t be fooled though because this flashing colors or after image are not actually the ‘aura.’ Some people think it is, especially those psychic frauds. When a real psychic sees the aura of a person, he/she is able to determine the mood or the emotional state of a person, and not just see some flashing colors or after image.

Theosophical Materials

There are different meanings that are attributed to the colors of an aura. The chart below is based on Theosophical materials. You might encounter other books or groups that attribute different meanings to the colors of aura, but the difference in the chart you’ll see below is that it’s more emotional in nature.

This can be useful if you’re planning to do healing or an artificial elemental / spiritual entity or knowing how to develop clairvoyance? It is believed that if you surround yourself with your desired color, you’ll tend to produce a specific psychological effect or emotion as described in the chart. Such qualities of color are very useful during magic rituals.

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