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Humans are now described as physical, mental (conscious mind), spiritual (soul), and astral (subconscious) beings. And because of this it produces a four – fold classification:

Four – Fold

  • Spiritual Beings: Intuitive Qualities
  • Mental Beings: Rational Thought
  • Astral Beings: Emotions/Feelings
  • Physical Beings: Physical Senses/Body

Therefore, according to parapsychology, the universe can be divided into the following ‘worlds’:

  • Spiritual World
  • Mental World
  • Astral World
  • Physical World

Our subconscious or the astral body is what magicians call as the ‘psychic link,’ it includes a person’s intuition, psychic abilities, and magical skills. This psychic links are the things that connect us to the physical world and vice – versa.

Astral World

The astral world is also known as the realm of visual imagination. According to Brenna, it can be both a state of mind, and place at the same time. This is important because most magical or psychic – related phenomena starts with the invisible, and the non – physical realm. It begins in something without the use of the five senses. However, it is important to note that when it comes to tapping into the inner self or understanding psychic phenomena, one should keep in mind that the four worlds interacts with one another.

It is not just about the astral or mental world. Energy flows and starts from the spirit to the mind, then it go to one’s astral being before it is manifested in the physical world. This is why the physical world is said to only be a projection of the ‘inner worlds’ or our other state of beings. These higher worlds (spiritual, mental, astral) is the center of a person’s consciousness.

Other terms are used by other occult groups, some of which includes the following:

  • Astral world is also known as astral light (which can also refer to a non – physical realm)
  • Inner planes/ Invisible world are the other terms of the four worlds.
  • Vehicles/Sheats/Vessel are same terms pertaining to bodies
  • Astral and Mental are also divided into two parts; the upper part (also known as causal body), and the lower part.

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