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How to develop clairvoyance? All of us try to predict the future all the time but more often than not we do this by trying to based it from our own experiences; especially from the past so that we can somehow make an accurate; if not, near accurate prediction of the future. How to develop clairvoyance? There is no doubt that some predictions people make specially from the experts or so-called psychics come true and that much of our futuristic anticipation is unconscious; but based on our mundane or natural psychic ability and not particularly from the supernatural. In this article, you’ll learn the definition of clairvoyance and how to develop clairvoyance?

What is Clairvoyance?

This is the psychic ability of an individual to see things beyond what the eyes can actually see. If you are clairvoyant you may be referred to as having the sixth sense. How to develop clairvoyance? Being clairvoyant means that a person can see or feel things that are beyond the five senses.

It is usually linked with retro – cognition for precognition. It is also related to various images that one is always seeing in their minds which can or may send messages to other realms. Such pictures can be animated or can be in different colors and shapes. It may also remain fleeting or could last longer depending on the situation or the individual. You may also see them even if your eyes are closed or open.

The Sixth Sense

The sense of seeing into the future is called second sight and it is usually not induced by drugs or artificial ways. The word actually refers to being clear sighted or being able to see what others cannot see; or something that is invisible to the physical world or physical realm. It is a faculty that could be present in everyone but it depends on every human being’s spiritual unfolding. 

This means that clairvoyance is something we all inherently have but for some it’s a matter of developing this unique psychic ability that makes them able to use it; and allows them to maximize these special powers. Although each of us can possess this ability; a persistent effort is needed in order to unfold it in the right way; and this seems to be very important. 

Do You Have Psychic Powers?

If clairvoyance can be bought many people will most probably pay a high price for it; but only few people may actually accept living the life that’s required to awaken this psychic power. And that awakening may only come through persistent and patient effort. Fortunately, it cannot be bought; it can only be developed. It is a power used at will by the master of life and it can be manifested as flashes of intuition or for some a good old “feeling;” while for others they see it as a warning or a sign in their dreams. 

Tuning with Your Intuition

How to develop clairvoyance? A person who knows intuitively, as we say, or someone who knows when and how to act, or can make swift decisions especially when needed; and has a balanced sense of values could be someone who is exercising their clairvoyant powers of seeing between the lines. Some people are also said to be “in tune” to their frequencies; that is why they are able to see the other side of things; for other people they develop the skill on their own or with the help of the experts.

Are You Awakened?

For most of us we can never master it. But for some people they tend to develop their clairvoyant abilities after experiencing certain things like a near-death experience, a serious accident, opening of chakras or energy levels; or some form of hallucinations or even extra-terrestrial abductions to name a few. Some people may even use stimulants in order to increase their awareness but this is something that experts don’t advise because it is a form of artificial awakening so to speak; and it may not be accurate and most likely would have physical side effects for the person.

Different evolutionary qualities or attributes such as sound judgement; and intuition somehow lead us towards the acquisition of this particular psychic power. The highly specialized human faculties were refined and developed in a universal way. It will always rest on the individual’s character.

Two Kinds of Clairvoyance

There are two types of being clairvoyant. The first one is voluntary or positive clairvoyance and the second one is dangerous or negative clairvoyance.

Voluntary Clairvoyance

When a person is able to see the inner worlds at will and he or she can master him or herself; then he has developed voluntary or a positive form of clairvoyance. 

This type of clairvoyance is usually developed through helpful living or a pure kind of life; and the individual should be trained in its use so that it could be useful and effective.

Involuntary Clairvoyance

The other types happen when the sight of the inner worlds are presented to a person beyond his or her control, and one could see what is given to him; then it can be considered as involuntary or negative form of clairvoyance because they are in no way control of their psychic power.

The involuntary clairvoyance is a type that is often dangerous because it lays the person open to possession by various negative entities; and if permitted to go far enough this could present the possibility that the person’s life in this world or the next will quite literally not be his or her own 

A Matter of Evolutionary Progress

Even if both the voluntary and involuntary clairvoyance exist it is only with the voluntary clairvoyance that a person can be accurate in seeing the inner worlds; and advanced oneself into the evolutionary path. On the other hand, involuntary clairvoyance can’t be counted upon as a reliable tool of truth seeking because it usually brings about the highly undesirable circumstance of person can have no control from an outside force and this can usually cause some form of evolutionary regression of the person concerned.

Reflection of the Past

The development of involuntary clairvoyance is usually quite easy as it is somehow a revival of the mirror-like function that is possessed by humans in the past in which the outside world was involuntarily reflected on to him this form of function was afterward retained by inbreeding and with present-day attention this power is somewhat intermittent and may explain why sometimes people see things for no apparent reason and they fail to utterly do so. 

The aspiring individual should not wish to gratify their curiosity but they should develop an unselfish desire for them to help other people until such a desire exist, the selfless kind, then no progress whatsoever can be made to achieve the voluntary or positive form of clairvoyance.


This is the psychic power that allow one’s thoughts to somehow be transferred or influence the minds of others, or the ability to project one’s thoughts to other people’s mind.

Am I Clairvoyant?

How to develop clairvoyance? Being clairvoyant means that an individual may see some things through their inner vision. They can witness events happening in some other locations or may see through “walls” in a figurative manner. Some experts believe that being clairvoyant happens to those who can get out of their physical senses and access their astral body. They shift the center of consciousness outside of themselves. This is why being clairvoyant is now referred to as someone with a sixth sense or second sight.

The three things discussed earlier; clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy all have something in common – and that is one’s ability to convey knowledge across time and space. They are all related to one another because it can all be a channel to access a fourth dimension which is the space – time field.

Clairvoyance vs. Telepathy 

Both of these psychic abilities use the transfer of ideas, thoughts, symbols or images from one mind to another. They also use perception to direct the thoughts and feelings to a person’s consciousness even without intervention of the senses. These are form of paranormal awareness that perceive another person’s experience. 

The thing is distances don’t matter when it comes to telepathy and clairvoyance. It can be just a few meters away or it can be miles apart. Telepathy may be distinguished from clairvoyance because the former is delivered in the form of a message while clairvoyance is in a form of an image.

Telepathy leans on to a form of intuitive nudge or hunch. It may produce a clear message in a way that clairvoyance does not. This is because clairvoyance usually involves vision while telepathy is more about knowing by being. Clairvoyance is quite different from being telephatic because having visions isn’t necessarily an emotional transfer between beings.


The various charges that are link with a feeling of spiritual or synchronistic experience is import of the interpretation of the subjective – level. It should reflect back on the person’s issue. On the other hand the archetypal level of meaning transcends a person and also implies an absolute form of knowledge. 

Synchronicities can also go nowhere because they just happen usually in a fleeting way to make a point. It’s always best to consider the bigger picture and not just what’s happening on the actual event. You need to be able to look at underlying facts when these types of synchronicity happen so that you’ll know the reason why you attracted such circumstance in your life.

Every individual perhaps at some point in their life experience gaining knowledge that one would normally wouldn’t or couldn’t know. This knowledge usually came from an external source that is sort of outside the person’s intellect and is often distinct from one’s own experience or knowledge. It is thought that such insights came from a universal mind or perhaps from other people.

Signs That You Are Clairvoyant?

As mentioned earlier, being clairvoyant is considered as our sixth sense. We all have it, it’s just that, we don’t recognize or pay attention to it.

Below are some examples of instances where you might experience being clairvoyant:

  • You know who has called before attending the phone.
  • You somehow know what’s going to be said before a person speaks.
  • There is a sudden hunch that is proven to be correct later on.
  • You have this sudden urge to go somewhere or do something and, when done, is later proved to be the best action. Sometimes you regret it if you ignore such form of intuition
  • You have the ability to read a person’s inner feelings even though, on the outside, they might be hiding them.
  • The feeling that there is a presence helping you.
  • When you understand the higher purpose behind a situation you find yourself in.
  • You hear a soft voice that is sometimes tipping you off on what to do or what not to do.

Mental Telepathy

Mind-reading, clairvoyance, and precognition are all perceived through mental telepathy. Mental telepathy makes possible the “knowing” of past, future, or current events, which is not supposed to be part of our knowledge.  How to develop clairvoyance? When someone demonstrates an ability to send and receive information that is not part of their ordinary senses, it is placed in the realm of the extraordinary, almost as though it was bizarre or abnormal, and not part of the human psyche or sense abilities. However, telepathic ability is available to all those willing to practice and learn how to increase this talent that is given to everyone at birth.

How to Developed Clairvoyance?

Are you ready to open up your psychic power? Here are some ways on how you can develop this unique psychic ability:

Are You Ready to Practice Your Mind Power?

Practicing exercises increases the mind’s ability to send and receive information, and will be an asset. Patience and persistence will gradually increase the perception of life. By developing the mind power, you will have gained control of your mind.

Psychics and mediums use extrasensory perception to know secret and private information about another person’s life, and, so, are able to advise them. Some of them discovered at a young age itself that they had this ability, and some later. However, improving and cultivating it through patience, practice, and effort has lead to self-development. Check out the video below on how you can develop clairvoyance:

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