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How to enhance your chakras? A technique you can do which is also under the category of concentrative meditation is called Chakra Meditation and is similar to Kundalini Yoga. How to enhance your chakras? This is the practice of causing one’s psychic energy to flow the sushumna and energize the different major chakras. This type of meditation should be practiced with caution because it can be quite dangerous since it can produce physiological effects and sensations if it is applied for a long period of time. How to enhance your chakras? It’s not advisable for those with mental – related problems or those with unstable mental conditions and even those with heart illnesses. This is because medications and drugs that are being used to treat such mental conditions can retard progress.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Chakras?

This technique is quite simple yet can definitely produce powerful and fast results. Some people report that results may appear right after hours of practicing it especially during sleep. It is also said that through this practice, each chakra in the body becomes energized and can also add sidhis or ‘occult powers’ until it reaches the crown chakra or the center found at the top of the head. Once this happens, enlightenment is achieved, though sometimes there’ll be instances where the psychic energy/ kundaline can be awakened naturally.

Step #1:

How to enhance your chakras? When practicing Chakra Meditation, one should concentrate on the 7 major chakras, and must start with the root chakra (first chakra) before progressively moving up until the crown chakra thereby vivifying higher energies.

Step #2:

Each chakra has its own certain qualities which mean that every time a person does this visualization technique, it can possibly raise one’s consciousness, and also promotes astral projection. You can do Chakra meditation for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. It can also be enhanced if you do hatha yoga or other physical exercise to make the spinal cord more flexible. Diet is also important as it can affect or improve the whole process. This technique is quite similar to Tibetan Tummo Meditation. You’ll know if you do it right once you experience or feel a sort of vibration, buzzing, light or heat in your body rising.

Step #3:

When it comes to doing physical exercises, it’s best that you first consult a physician before you do anything (when in doubt, don’t overdo) because not every exercise routines are good for everyone. There’s no one – size – fits – all as some people have underlying health conditions (like respiratory or heart problems), therefore like in diet, moderation is still advised. 

Step #4:

One of the best physical exercises that don’t actually involve doing physical routines is call the four – fold breath. In India, this is known as pranayama (controlled breathing), which is a type of hatha yoga. If you’re doing a four – fold breath exercise, calisthenics, or anything related to hatha yoga, you might want to do it under a timer so that you can also measure your progress. Basically, the longer you do these breathing/ yoga exercises, the better. Pranayama’s main goal is to relax one’s mind and body. One of the best techniques is the four – fold breath exercise.

Step #5:

How to enhance your chakras? Take 4 quick inhalations and 4 quick exhalations. Repeat it until your allotted time is all used up (usually 3 minutes or longer). It normally takes about 1 ½ seconds of 4 inhalations and exhalations, or a total of around 3 seconds for a complete cycle/ repetition.

Step #6:

Make sure that there’s no strain when doing the four – fold breath exercise. It’s best that you do it while seating back in a chair without carrying anything and with your eyes closed so you can focus on your breathing.

Step #7:

You can start with 1 minute a day in your first week of doing the four – fold breath technique. After which you can gradually increase it to 3 to 5 minutes a day.

Step #8:

It’s important to note that you might get to experience slight dizziness especially when it’s your first time to do this because the common effect of this technique is hyperventilation. Make sure that you have someone to aid you or also guide you say a yoga instructor or exercise guru so that you’ll be able to do it properly. This shouldn’t be done if you’re doing heavy lifting/ exercises (it might cause you to pass out) or if the air is polluted.


Doing the four – fold breath technique or other similar pranayama exercises (such as hatha yoga, walking, callisthenic exercises, running/ jogging) before you perform ceremonial magic can help your body and your mind get into the mood because it will relax you and also release stress, tension, and other negative vibes out of your system which will enable you to get more in touch of your inner world and have access to higher energies. We hope this article help how to enhance your chakras?

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