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How to do ceremonial magic? The astral world is also known as the realm of visual imagination. According to Brenna, it can be both a state of mind, and place at the same time. How to do ceremonial magic? This is important because most magical or psychic – related phenomena starts with the invisible, and the non – physical realm. How to do ceremonial magic? It begins in something without the use of the five senses!

Tiny Universe

How to do ceremonial magic? The terms microcosm and macrocosm are part of traditional occult philosophy used in ceremonial magic. Macrocosm simply refers to the greater universe which includes everything that exists while microcosm refers to the ‘tiny universe’ like us humans because we are somewhat a mini – replica of the universe or macrocosm.

This basic magical relationship is cited in the bible wherein God is the macrocosm, and man is the microcosm which means that humanity and god/universe match each other.

In ceremonial magic, the magician is a microcosm that is highly connected to the macrocosm/universe.

And since the universe is reflected within man and vice – versa, there’s a relationship of energies that exists between man and everything in the universe. I remember a line from the film Star Wars, “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.” We are indeed “one with the force,” this is a very important theory relating to ceremonial magic, astrology, and the inner world.

Step #1:

It is important to note that when it comes to tapping into the inner self or understanding psychic phenomena, one should keep in mind that the four worlds interacts with one another. It is not just about the astral or mental world.

Energy flows and starts from the spirit to the mind, then it go to one’s astral being before it is manifested in the physical world.

This is why the physical world is said to only be a projection of the ‘inner worlds’ or our other state of beings. These higher worlds (spiritual, mental, astral) is the center of a person’s consciousness.

Step #2:  

It’s very helpful to write down your progress when it comes to applying the concepts, experiments, and rituals of ceremonial magic.

You can also include astrological data or other things related to the art of magic as well as keeping records of your dreams especially the things that you think is quite significant to your life as dreams comes from our subconscious mind, it can tell you a lot about yourself and it can also reveal premonitions.

Step #3:

Our minds particularly our subconscious is always open to suggestions. Such suggestions usually come from what our five senses have gathered over the years, and the more we experience such circumstances or do it in repetition, the more it is likely to retain in our subconscious which can affect our overall perception, and can ultimately affect one’s physical world.

This is why using (positive) affirmations are important because it creates positive suggestions to your psyche. And if you continue to repeat such affirmations to yourself aloud or in your mind, it can change and develop such qualities you want to have within yourself.

Step #4:

Make sure to repeat positive affirmations every day or several times a day especially before you sleep at night. Affirmations have subtle effects but it can create long – term changes which can help you become better as a person and a potential magician.

Step #5:

Visualizations are also another great way to increase your awareness in your spiritual, mental, and astral being. It is usually used to influence one’s subconscious. What you can do is to use a simple banishing technique.

Step #6:

Banishing is used in magic to get rid of the negative vibes. All you need to do is to visualize a strong white light that flows at the top of your head and over your whole body, then imagine throwing away the negative vibes, you can use hand gestures as well.

Step #7:

Keep this up for about 30 minutes or longer every day. You can also apply this technique whenever you’re feeling worried or angry because it’s a great way to help you deal with your present emotions.

Putting It All Together

Like any other things in life, the art of ceremonial magic is a continuous process. Your subconscious mind never rests, your surroundings constantly changes and affects how you think. It’s important that you always practice and increase your knowledge especially if you are serious about becoming a proficient magician.

Most people only feel subtle effects of magic or this self – hypnosis techniques but as you deal with the subject more, your awareness of the other worlds, the energy flow of your psychic energy, and how it is related to one another increases. This is when your true will is likely to manifest, your life tends to follow what you truly desire deep down which is why having a positive outlook in life can be very beneficial because it sets gives you a better and more positive mindset. 

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