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When it comes to ceremonial magic visualization a person concentrates in his/her own thoughts, one can draw psychic energy. This is the so – called thought form. Usually once an individual breaks concentration, the energy also tends to dissipate though it’s very possible to concentrate energy in this way so that one can purposely produce strong thought forms. This visualization is the centers and so – called vortexes of one’s psychic energy. It can even exist as temporary entities by themselves even if it is basically non – thinking and inanimate forces/ energies. Talking to such inanimate forces or doing this visualization is as logical as talking to a table.

Psychic Entities

If you think about it, thought forms are quite similar to spiritual entities like elementals, and ghosts. Such psychic entities are made up of psychic energy vortex which is like a localized field or a form of discontinuity of the one’s physical world.

Psychic entities or elementals usually respond to certain magnetic fields (electrostatic) or other energy centers, this is the reason why it responds in doing any magic ritual. Today, electronic machines are used when dealing with such elementals. These entities especially if the energy they possess is quite strong can affect one’s thought process.

Morons of the Spirit World

It’s important to note that these thought forms, ghosts, and elementals are usually not smart. If these entities do display some form of intelligence, it’s usually limited as they are known to be the “morons of the spirit world.” An artificial elemental’s behavior is repetitive, and mostly automatic, some even call them as astral robots. There are also some spirits and deities that are volitional and smart.

The Art of Focus

Wherever you focus your attention, your mind and thoughts will follow too. Whenever you direct your attention to a specific object, purpose, or place that is where you focus your mental energy.

A concrete example is when you’re eating at a crowded restaurant, you see everyone minding their own business and talking at once so you can imagine how noisy it is. If you somewhat noticed a person in the room, and you focus your attention to him/her, all of a sudden that person drops his fork, and you hear it hit the floor. If you hadn’t focused your attention to that person, would you have heard the sound of the fork if you hadn’t see it or focus on it? It’s only because you keep your attention which is why you were able to pick the event and associate the sound with it.

You Are Not Your Emotions

This goes to say, that wherever your mind or attention is pointed, the rest is nothing or just a noise background. Noise can also be deemed as some sort of negative energy, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. This makes it quite harder to concentrate and direct one’s attention to something. Keep in mind that your thoughts lead to the emotions or feelings, but it’s important to note that your emotions are NOT you. These are merely reactions prompted by your mind based on your model/ experiences.

If you learn how to direct your attention/ mind to a specific emotion, say feeling positive or happy or depressed, it will likely caused you to feel and experience such emotions. You can learn how to change your emotions if you know how to control your attention. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about denying what you feel, you should in fact feel whatever your emotions are at the moment but it’s also important to not dwell on it too long especially if it’s a negative or the depressive type, you can do this by learning the art of attention or simply learning to focus on other perhaps more positive emotions. 

How to Do Visualizations

Doing visual exercises is very essential in ceremonial magic. Below are some visualization exercises that can help you further develop your mental/ psychic abilities:

Step #1: 

Close your eyes, and try to imagine a single digit number as clearly as you can. Then imagine a 2 – digit number, then 3 – digit. Hold this visualization for at least 2 minutes every day. Repeat this exercise with words, letters or phrases and visualize it using your ‘inner eye.’

Step #2:

You can visualize a brightly colored green spot that is somewhat circular. Hold this visualization for at least 2 minutes. Then try it with a different bright color.

Step #3:

You can also try visualizing tattvic symbols with their proper colors, and in succession. Hold each one for at least 2 minutes until you can see it accurately.

Step #4:

You can also use tarot cards. Try picking your favorite card/s, and then study it and all its details (remember that it’s best you see it vividly and let the colors glow).

Step #5:

Close your eyes, and visualize it and see the details vividly, hold the image for 2 minutes. Repeat the process for other cards you want. You can also do the visualization exercises mentioned above with your eyes open.

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