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Full Moon Bonding Ritual for Couples to Harness Sexual Magick


Wiccans believe that sexual energy is the strongest form of energy humans possess. However, most of us don’t know how to handle this energy. Not knowing how to handle and use this energy may cause it to split from our spiritual process, causing conflicting behaviors in most relationships. Sex is a sacred energy, and for Wiccans, it is important to use pure channel of divine love to unify the divine inside us. Bonding rituals for couples are often called Wiccan erotic exercises, which comes with great benefits for both partners.

Learning sexual magick allows experience in every meeting unique for both parties, as they accept their complete genuineness and candidness throughout their meeting. Also, sex is considered by Wiccans as paying homage to the universe, as it creates positive resonance in the relationship way beyond the physical. For couples out there looking to experience sacred sex and feel the energy of love in the present moment through their meeting with their loved one, then here’s a good example of bonding ritual.

Full Moon Ritual for Lovers

This ritual is meant to nourish oneself and the bond between the couple. The moon, with its feminine qualities, has the energy that stimulates the important qualities in both men and women, such as affection and spirituality. Since the moon relates to the water and the tides, it guides the changes, rhythm and movement in women’s body, including physical life changes, and even pregnancy.

Wiccans believe the moon’s energy can directly affect woman’s digestive system, breasts and ovaries, and during full moon, it intensifies the woman’s energy and elevate their spiritual activity.

Things you’ll need:

  • A nice and quiet space/room where you can watch the full moon
  • 3 white candles

Ritual Preparation

Look for a sacred place where you and your partner can watch the full moon clearly. Light the candles in your altar and turn off the lights. Play relaxing, mystical and spiritually harmonious music.

Perform relaxation exercises together.



Move to the slow rhythm of the music you’re playing, until you feel relaxed. Once you feel all the muscles in your body completely relaxed, then you can both start the ritual. Choose a comfortable position; you can sit in a lotus position if you wish.

Then, stare directly at the moon for a couple of minutes or more. Focus on your emotions and thoughts as your stare. Then, close your eyes. There will be an afterimage of the moon in your head, visualize this ray of light to beam straight to you. Imagine the light enter your body from the top of your head, enveloping you with its beam.

After your meditation, thank to moon for the love, power and experience. Breathe deeply three times before opening your eyes slowly. Look at the moon and say thanks. You can now make your wish for the coming month.

Parting Tips

This bonding ritual should be performed before performing erotic magical ritual. You and your partner can repeat this ritual for the three days of full moon. This ritual can also be performed during the waning of the moon.

The moon’s light will bring better romantic encounters for the couple, as it alters the body and make it more ready and excited for romance.

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