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Who is Riley Star? Riley Star swears she did not make it her life’s mission to shock her mother; but admits she’s doing a fine job all the same. A solitary practitioner of the Wiccan religion, Star writes in the fields of religion, New Age, the occult; and all types of spirituality.

Who is Riley Star? Her “day job” working in a metaphysical bookstore gives her access to plentiful reading; and research material, but she also meets a lot of questioning people daily. “Learning where people are on their own path is so fulfilling for me,” she says. “The questions people bring to their personal quest fascinate and motivate me. There are so many ways of being in the world, and I want to understand them all.”

Riley Star Profile

Deeply influenced by the work of comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell; Starr still lists The Power of Myth as her favorite book. “We all have forces at work in our daily lives we try to understand;” she says, “and we all tell ourselves stories to get through the day.”

Who is Riley Star? After caring for an elderly aunt who was a dementia patient; Starr was shocked when someone suggested the experience might have left her open to demonic possession. “That really sent me digging into demonology to try to understand where that explanation would come from!” she said. “That’s when I discovered a powerful trove of demon lore and of course, I had to write about it.”

Star on Finding Her Path

Actually, Star admits that she writes about everything. “I’m never without my notebook,” she laughs. “I fill up book after book with journal entries, sketches, and ideas. One day I looked at the shelf over my desk just bulging with all those notes; and thought I’d try to share some of my ideas.”

Now Star sees writing as part of her personal path; likening the gathering of information and the sharing of the material to a kind of active meditation. “If we get back what we put out into the universe,” Star says; “I want to make sure I’m sending the clearest signal possible.”

Who is Riley Star? She keeps herself open to all ideas and all philosophies. “There’s just no one way to express or experience this miracle of existence,” she says. “I really don’t know who or what is running the show; so I try to be nice to priests and oak trees. That’s not a joke. All life and all belief is sacred.” Above all; she holds to the key moral tenet of her Wiccan faith, The Wiccan Rede, “An Ye harm none, do what ye will.”

Best – Selling Books by Riley Star

Tarot Reading Explained: The Ultimate Tarot Guide for Beginners

The art of tarot is all about belief, intuition, trust; and perhaps it’s all about having faith – faith in what the cards are possibly telling you, faith in the tarot reader that will send you the message; and faith in yourself that will ultimately decide your life’s fate. This book will provide you with a wealth of information about tarot and tarot reading; the basics of each cards; elements and suits, its significance, its history, the different interpretations, the possible connections; and the types of reading as well as the memorization techniques.

Runes Explained: Runic Guide for Beginners

The art of runes began in the time of Odin during the Viking period; it’s the time when the Vikings did several military missions and sailed to the shores of Scandinavia. Runes is used to link an individual’s logical mind; and the sub – conscious which is why tapping into this ancient form can help you to increase your personal awareness; and also guide you in your self – discovery. Through the runic symbolism or alphabets that contains the timeless wisdom of our predecessors; you can use it to seek the answer to your questions and if done right; it can become a guide in your daily life. It can also be a source of something profound that will involve a person’s emotional or spiritual needs.

This book will introduce you to this ancient art; and cover everything you need to know about its fascinating history, its principles, uses, rune alphabet, meanings; and how this ancient wisdom can be practiced and applied in one’s daily life.

Astrology Explained: The Ultimate Astrology Guide for Beginners

Astrology is a subject which requires time; and intensive study of the stars and the planets in correlation to the events specific to individual lives and times. It is a skill which requires discipline and structure; which may just take a few years to study but requires years to master; and continued practice to get better from level to next higher level.

This book will help you discover what it is and how you can find the accuracy in what has been referred to as a pseudo-science. Do allow this book to take you to the skies as we give you more insight into the deeper and inner studies of astrology and how it ties to us, as individuals, as pairs, events in our lives. Let’s look at how the stars and planets and how they relate to the events on this plane as we delve into the mystical and fascinating study of astrology.

Palmistry or Chiromancy Explained: The Ultimate Palmistry Guide for Beginners

Palmistry or Chiromancy is the study and interpretation of the human palms. However, one cannot master the art of palm reading easily or be proficient in a quick period of time just by studying the basics of palmistry or reading a book about it. Like any other things, time, practice, willingness and experience will make you better and more proficient. It is an art that withstood the test of time, a practice that has been passed on for many generations and in one way or another affected how people live their lives.

If you or any of your friends and family is interested about this subject, this book will provide you with a wealth of information about Palmistry or otherwise known as Chiromancy; its basics, its significance, its rich history, the different interpretations, the different meanings, its logical structure and so much more. Get ready to understand your life at present and be able to ‘predict’ your future just like many ancient palm readers that came before you!

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