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Each time you work magick, you should casting a circle to contain any undirected energies, to concentrate your own energies, and to protect yourself from energies outside the circle. Since the circle is actually a sphere, it’s best to think of it as a “bubble.” It surrounds you on all sides.

There are times and conditions under which you should not cast a circle, however:

  • When you are physically ill.
  • If you are exhausted.
  • When you are unfocused and ill-prepared.
  • If you are angry.

The circle should always be filled with positive energy. The steps in casting the circle are as follows:

  • Cleanse the space of negativity by sweeping it out with your broom. Say:

Sweep, sweep with this broom

All bad out of this room.

Sweep, sweep all good in

The bad to never return again.

  • Consecrate the area by circling the room clockwise three times.
  • First carry a bowl of water.
  • Say, “I walk the circle once around, to cleanse and consecrate this ground.”
  • Second carry a bowl of salt.
  • Say, “I walk the circle once again, between the worlds all time can bend.”
  • Then carry a censer with burning incense.
  • Say, “I walk the circle thrice this time, for the protection of the Lord and Lady are mine.”
  • Using your athame, wand, or a staff, trace the edge of the circle, again walking deosil(clockwise.) In your mind, envision pulling up a circle.

You can do these rituals by imaging a flowing white light forming a cocoon around the space or imagine filaments of a protective magick web forming. Use whatever image works best for you and completes the picture of an all-encompassing sphere.

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