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What are the values of Paganism? Pagan values are based in recognition of life as well as the satisfaction of being literally symbolized; as well as the need for others to delight in the very same experience. A worth is shared norm or assumption of a team; something that is considered desirable. What are the values of Paganism? A virtue is a top quality of a person or a group that is thought about desirable. Commonly; most Pagan ethicalities were lists of virtues which were thought about preferable, rather of a collection of regulations to be kept. What are the values of Paganism? The farming of merits by the person was claimed to bring about eudaimonia, a happy state of being. Devised as a cenotaph to the four old Greeks who personified Lord Cobham’s virtues inside; are specific niches containing life-size sculptures of Socrates, Homer, Lycurgus; and Epaminondas.

The Tale of the Odyssey

What are the values of Paganism? This was as well as is an extremely crucial virtue in simply regarding every standard culture; and also governed the practices of both visitor and also host. Picture you are taking a trip in a strange land; like Gawain in the tale of Gawain and the Environment-friendly Knight. The deal of a wonderful cozy bed; and a banquet every evening, would certainly be an absolute godsend if you were riding in a howling wilderness at midwinter. Envision you were shipwrecked on a strange coastline, like Odysseus in the tale of The Odyssey.

Looking and saving after shipwrecked tourists would certainly be a sacred obligation in an age when there were no coastguards and couple of lighthouses. The guest must likewise act honorably in the direction of the host. Numerous cultures still have the attractive custom-made of the guest-gift something; that the visitor brings the first time they visit your residence. Being inclusive as well as inviting to all could be said to be a rational extension of hospitality.

Reciprocity and balance

This is related to the suggestion of hospitality. “A present for a present” states the Hávamál. Connections in between individuals are kept by the exchange of gifts. Everything in Nature is well balanced; as well as the exact same is true of culture and culture as in the saying “what goes around, comes around”. This belongs to the Pagan idea of cyclicity, which maintains that whatever goes in cycles: night and also day; the seasons; birth, life, death, and rebirth.

A common treasury for all

What are the values of Paganism? The land is sacred in all Pagan customs, as well as recalling at non-hierarchical cultures; we can see that it was kept in usual by the people, or not had whatsoever. The determination of the concept of common land, despite the Units; the Highland Clearances; as well as the burglary of land from native individuals all over the world, reveals what a crucial suggestion this is.


The supporting of individual honesty appears in listings of virtues put together by a number of different societies as well as practices, including the eight Wiccan Virtues; as well as the Nine Noble Merits of Heathenry. What honour means to me is being straightforward in my personal dealings; consisting of all elements of life; and doing the decent thing: dealing with versus injustice, speaking up for the at risk.

Embodiment: Celebrating being alive

What are the values of Paganism? Pagans worth physical enjoyment: consuming, alcohol consumption, making love, seeing gorgeous points. We enjoy trees, rocks, hills, flowers, gorgeous art, the ocean, animals, birds, other individuals, the moon, the night, the sunlight, rolling hills; water, making love, consuming, making jolly.

The concept that the divine/deities is/are immanent on the planet likewise adds to the feeling; that being active in this world is to be commemorated and enjoyed.


“Ladies desiren sovereigntie”, created Chaucer, at the verdict of his superb tale, The Better half of Bath’s Tale. Sovereignty is the capability to determine your own destiny. Pagans like being free, as well as not being pushed. We do not like to be told what to believe, what to do, or how to live. This encompasses bodily autonomy; as well as not being pushed or cajoled right into having unwanted sex or other physical contact. The worth of sovereignty is particularly vital in Druidry.


What are the values of Paganism? Paganism is a life-affirming religious belief, and also a lot of Pagans see the physical globe as spiritual. Pagan worth flow from that and embrace it. Pagans do not usually concern spirit as more vital or better than issue. The majority of Pagans view issue as entwined with spirit, or maybe as a denser kind of spirit.

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