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How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? You might be tempted to get every pagan tool you read about in books, but the truth is some of these items can be extremely expensive and difficult to source. How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? This is especially true if you live somewhere far from the large city or where there are no pagans nearby. Additionally, buying everything will require a large space where the items won’t be easily stumbled upon and won’t cause harm. In this article, you’ll learn how to create simple and cheap Pagan altar?

It’s All in the Skills

How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? The important thing to remember is that how effective your work and you as a magic practitioner is would not be affected by how shiny or expensive your altar are. The energies that affect your skill and your work come from within you, and even the most expensive altar would amount to nothing if the intent is not powerful enough. All that you really need is your belief and faith in performing the ritual or spell. The real power comes from within.

Altar merely improve your work and help hone your skills by focusing your energies on what you want to achieve. There are many layers behind the meanings of altar, and understanding them and how they work could significantly enhance your work too.


How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? Altar can be very useful in that the symbolisms they carry allow you to hone into your goals and visions. The use of altar differs from tradition to tradition and even from person to person. Some people prefer to have their altar be specialized extensions of their practice, allowing a rigid structure they want to follow. Some, however, are freer and are content enough with incorporating their practice and spiritual work into their everyday life through the use of no specific items.

Either approach works as long as the person has an unshakeable intent and belief in the Craft. The importance of instinct and intuition is shown in how these approaches work; one might not work for the other, but neither is wrong. For your practice, it is best to be guided by your inner voice and follow what feels like the best path for you.

Don’t Fret

How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? If you want to get altar but also want to avoid breaking the bank, then don’t fret! Many of the altar used can be bought cheaply or even made at home if you are handy with crafts. Aside from saving costs, making your own pagan altar allow you to imbue it with your own energies as well as customize it to your exact tastes and needs. The creation process even deepens your understanding of the tool, and for many, creating their own altar is preferable for this exact reason. Self-made altar are often more effective as they have already been attuned to you and your energies.

Though creating your own altar may require more of your time and effort, the benefits are worth it. Additionally, you don’t have to try and make everything at once. You can begin with simpler altar and gradually move on to the more complex ones as your understanding of the Craft deepens and progresses too. As you learn more about the Craft, you may even realize that some altar wouldn’t be needed later on or that you simply have no taste for them. And that’s okay!

Start Simple

As stated, begin the process with items that are simpler and that you feel like you would want to work with. A particular ritual you want to try out, for instance, may be in need of a wand. Go from there. Adding altar to your collection as necessary would help you prevent expending your efforts unnecessarily.

Aside from making your own altar, you could also buy cheaper alternatives. The key to choosing which ones to buy is if you feel a connection to the item. For instance, a knife you feel connected to will be a more effective tool than an athame you feel nothing for.

Customizing Altar

There are simpler items that you can customize for your purpose. Starting your own book of shadows, for instance, could begin with a plain journal that you decorate with and add charms to. Jars, urns, and pots could be engraved, or you can put ribbons and charms to the handles. Just remember that your customizations shouldn’t interfere with the item’s purpose.

When buying, also make sure that you are informed properly of what it is you are buying. For instance, if you are buying oils, make sure that they are essential oils and not just fragrance oils. Essential oils have medicinal or metaphysical properties imbued in them that could not be found in fragrance oils. Such also is the case when considering candles or incense.


How to create simple and cheap Pagan altar? Furthermore, you can choose to support local pagan artists who put in much skill and effort into their crafts. By doing so, you not only ensure the legitimacy of the item but also that they are not made through unethical means. Pagan artists are also more informed about the practice, and you can ask them if you have questions about the items.

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