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How to DIY Pagan ceremony? Ceremony in Wiccan and Pagan traditions can be very useful in that the symbolisms they carry allow you to hone into your goals and visions. The use of ceremony differs from tradition to tradition and even from person to person. How to DIY Pagan ceremony? Some people prefer to have their ceremony be specialized extensions of their practice, allowing a rigid structure they want to follow. How to DIY Pagan ceremony? Some, however, are more relaxed and are content enough with integrating their practice and spiritual work into their everyday life through the use of no special items.

Self – Made Ceremony

How to DIY Pagan ceremony? If you want to get ceremony but also want to avoid breaking the bank, then don’t worry! Many of the ceremony used can be bought cheaply or even made at home if you are handy with crafts. Aside from saving costs, making your own Pagan ceremony allow you to infuse it with your own energies as well as modify it to your precise tastes and needs. The creation process even heightens your understanding of the tool, and for many, creating their own ceremony is a superior choice for this exact reason. Self-made ceremony are often more helpful as they have already been attuned to you and your energies.

Here are some tips on making your very own Pagan ceremony.

For the Altar

How to DIY Pagan ceremony? The altar is probably the most important and significant of the ceremony in a witch’s arsenal. The altar is typically placed at the center of Pagan rituals, acting as a blessed space for a witch’s work. All other ceremony used in the rituals are usually placed on the altar.

A witch’s altar depends largely on the witch’s personal preference. It doesn’t have to be large or overly ornate. As with other ceremony, what matter is the witch’s intent. Altars need not be confined to one place, as well. It can be indoors, outdoors, and even portable.

DIY Altar

To make your own low-cost altar, you could try to use an empty shelf in an existing bookcase. You can also use an unused mantle place or an empty drawer. Your altar doesn’t have to be expensive, and neither does the cloth covering it. If you feel drawn to a piece of fabric, then it is enough to serve its purpose well. You can find fabrics in fabric shops or even reuse a square scarf or tablecloth. If you are able to sew, you can even make your own cloth covering. Repurpose an old dress or coat; it is even better if you have strong memories associated to the clothing and thus it holds a significant trace of your personal energies.

For the Wand

How to DIY Pagan ceremony? The wand symbolizes the element of air. It could be made from different materials, but the most commonly used is wood. The witch can choose which wood to use for the wand.

If you want to make your own wand, get started on getting the wood first. It can be easy enough to find a stick during one of your walks. Walk through a park or woodland to collect branches you feel connected to.

Symbolisms and Ceremony

There are many kinds of wood that you can use to make a wand, each with its own properties and symbolisms: Acacia wands only serve their purpose for their owner and obey nobody else. Gifted wielders would produce the best magical results from acacia wands.  Alder wood is unyielding and stubborn, which is why alder wands are best suited for owners who are accepting, agreeable, and considerate. Ash wands are steadfast and mulishly loyal, clinging to their one true master. If passed to another, ash wands will lose their power. It is best for the brave and courageous, for ash delights in owners who are not so easily swayed in their beliefs.

Other Types of Wands

Some woods used for wand making are blackthorn, suited for warriors and fighters; black walnut, suited for those with good instincts and powerful insight; cedar, suited for the shrewd, clever, and perceptive; cypress, suited for those with heroism in their hearts; dogwood, suited for those who are playful and ingenious and have a propensity for fun; ebony, suited for those with courage to stick to their beliefs no matter the pressure; elm, for those with native dignity and magical dexterity, capable of highly advanced magic; English oak, for those who are strong, brave, and loyal; fir, for those who are focused and strong-minded; hazel, for those who are able to control their feelings as the wood reflects its owners emotions; laurel, for the honorable and righteous; and poplar, suited for those with a clear moral vision.

Attach More Magical Ceremony

Before making your wand, make sure the wood you picked is dry. You can choose to strip off the stick’s bark using a knife or leave it in. If you leave it as is, you can carve runes or engrave symbols onto the it. Then you can decorate it by attaching gemstones or crystals, beads, cords, and fabric. There is no right or wrong here, only that you do what feels right for you. Remember that your wand will act as your energy conduit in future rituals.

For the Chalice

How to DIY Pagan ceremony? This should be easy enough. For your chalice, just find any wine glass that you feel connected to. Some are shaped as goblets and some are already decorated. You can get a plain one and put in your own decorations if you want.

For the Cauldron

How to DIY Pagan ceremony? Cauldron sizes range anywhere from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Real cast iron cauldrons are both expensive and heavy. For your cauldron, you could choose some other metals. Still, it should be able to hold burning items and also water.

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