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Kabbala is mainly concerned with the creation of the world. According to this principle, God created the world through the 32 secret paths of wisdom; 10 of which is known as the Sephiroths, and the rest is the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

Each path in the 10 sephiroths is like a level of knowledge that one needs to be attained; and the lower 7 corresponds to the Chakras of the body or the main energy points in the body. The Sephiroths are also known to compromise God’s name which is Yahweh.

Kabbala masters suggest that it’s very possible to achieve spiritual awakening if one learns how to meditate in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the same way people meditate when they’re going to a yoga classes.

Using the Sephiroths discussed in this section as well as the runes linked to it will definitely increase spiritual awareness, and perhaps raise consciousness.

Reflecting the Sephiroth should be the main focus in the beginning but then it should also draw from certain experiences gained.

Some Kabbalist practitioner also uses colors and sound whenever they are meditating on the 10 sephiroths while other connect them planets, Chakra centers of the body, angels, numbers, angels and metals. You’ll get better with experience. The basic meanings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are given below:

  • Kether – crown
  • Chokmah – wisdom
  • Binah – understanding
  • Chesed – mercy
  • Geburah – severity
  • Tiphareth – beauty
  • Netzach – victory
  • Hod – glory
  • Yesod – foundation
  • Malkuth – kingdom

The 24 runes will fit within this plan; Sephiroths 11 and 12 are also assigned to 2 runes each, one in ascending, and the other one is in descending which is why the 24 runes will fit (ignore the blank runes for now). 

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