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What is salvation for Pagans? The majority of Pagans would certainly concern principles such as redemption or validation as meaningless to their spiritual course. What is salvation for Pagans? Without any transcendent divine being that functions as court and also no concept of transgression; practically no requirement for redemption or atonement exists. What is salvation for Pagans? Rewards to live a great life do not include pleasing a god or siren that is outside to one’s self; rather, virtue as well as honor are their very own rewards; and also one takes part in such actions out of a feeling of love and individual satisfaction.

System of Reward

What is salvation for Pagans? Some Pagans approve a basic idea of fate as a means of verifying that a person’s behavior, whether good or ill; will inevitably form his/her future destiny; whether in this life or a future life. Fate is not seen as a system of reward as well as penalty; yet rather simply as a legislation of the means points work in nature – equivalent to the legislations of gravity or inertia.


Carefully lined up to belief in karma is belief in reincarnation, or the recycling of souls. Considering that the body is “reused” by decay and disintegration after fatality; so the spirit can be reused by taking birth in a new form. As a metaphysical belief, not all Pagans approve reincarnation, however numerous do; those that do, indicate old Pagan ideas, to the extensive belief in reincarnation within occult and also eastern spirituality; as well as ultimately to the anecdotal evidence of lots of individuals who assert to have past-life memories.

Pessimism in Paganism

Unlike other faiths that pertain to reincarnation as a kind of jail from which one must become freed, Paganism generally does not promote such a pessimistic view of renewal. Instead, reincarnation is seen as a device for development and learning – as well as perhaps also delight. Although each version will certainly carry its procedure of suffering and grief, it will likewise bring the joy of brand-new relationships, brand-new experiences; and new knowledge and understanding. Each manifestation is adhered to by a duration of remainder as well as representation; before the spirit jumps on the merry-go-round again. This perspective attests the cycle of renewal as a favorable procedure.

The After Life for Pagans

What is salvation for Pagans? In enhancement to reincarnation, followers of different Pagan traditions have mythological understandings of the afterlife in which they put belief. Usually, these transcendent destinations of the heart after fatality are considered paradise; although some have a darker or drearier really feel. Here are a few of the mythological other worlds, as seen by various Pagan traditions, as destinations for the spirits of the dead:

The Summerland 

The Wiccan principle of heaven, where one experiences happiness and also sensual satisfaction. The Summerland can operate as a location between reincarnations or as the ultimate destination, when a spirit ultimately stops reincarnating.

Tir na n’Og 

Literally, the “Land of Youth.” In Irish mythology; Tir na n’Og is a honored world across the water where spirits journey after death. It is a land of constant feasting as well as happiness, without aging, sickness, or death. Probably showing the sensibilities of the Iron Age society that brought to life Celtic myth; it is likewise a land where the souls of brave warriors take part in valorous battle.


Literally, the “Hall of the Slain” and Fólkvangr literally, “Field of the Host” – 2 locations for the spirits of noble warriors; as recounted in Norse myth. The great warriors that trip to Valhalla as well as Fólkvangr upon their death will aid the gods in the apocalyptic battle prophesied to occur throughout Ragnarök; the apocalyptic battle that will certainly occur at the end of the age.


What is salvation for Pagans? The abyss in Greek misconception, ruled over by a god of the same name. The abyss is the last location of the spirits of the dead; while some summaries recommend it is a dismal as well as hazy area; others suggest it is a location of tranquility, and at least one world within the abyss, Elysium; is a blessed location destined for the spirits of the brave and the virtuous.

These as well as various other such representations of transcendent worlds provide understanding right into the variety of beliefs that numerous Pagans may hold. Various practices have teachings that are advertised within their particular community, however no solitary idea concerning the immortality is normative for all.


What is salvation for Pagans? Due to the flexibility with which people can form their very own viewpoints after the afterlife; some Pagans choose either to remain agnostic regarding questions of what takes place after death, and even reject all such concepts as simple esoteric supposition. Because numerous forms of Paganism are a lot more oriented toward the worldly world as opposed to an abstract spiritual world; such a point of view preserves that it is more vital to live well in the here and now than to lose time fretting about what will certainly happen in a future that can’t be controlled anyway.

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