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What is Wunjo Rune? Wunjo is the rune of desires and also happiness. It communicates a message of peace, love, virtue, enjoyable, and also playfulness. Drawing this rune assures consistency and also improved physical health and wellness. It likewise signifies a favourable cycle to develop brand-new connections, or support existing connections. Prepare to enjoy the benefits of your previous initiatives, either in relationships, work, or success of your objectives.

What is Wunjo Rune? Take pleasure in the here and now, instead than stressing about what has actually passed; or what the future might hold. Wunjo signals a period of happiness, or joyous outcomes. Starting a brand-new job is also favoured. What is Wunjo Rune? Wunjo indicates delight, personal development, and expanding spiritual light. There will certainly be increased understanding and also awareness; as well as power which might have been obstructed, will be freed. You are currently ready to materialize progression.

Wunjo – Inverted Interpretation

What is Wunjo Rune? When attracted reversed or merkstave, Wunjo suggests worry and anxiousness may be reducing down the process of accomplishing your objectives; or impeding you from enjoying your life. It additionally signifies, the only genuine block at existing, is your way of thinking. If you do not allow unfavorable thinking and stress stand in your method; your course to happiness and also accomplishment is clear. Wunjo turned around or merkstave, additionally advises that problems might result from inflexibility, anxiety, or rashness. Prevent shedding your worths or identification within a connection, or as an outcome of your professional duties.

Hagalaz – Upright Interpretation

Hagalaz is the rune of fast, usually stormy, changes. It represents changes that can produce new, considerable understandings and perspectives, adhered to by an assurance of improvement. This rune of change discloses there may be events or situations past your control; but these circumstances will aid direct you right into a new lifestyle. From this difficult experience, you will become much more versatile, resourceful, and also smart. What is Wunjo Rune?Representing the colossal power of nature, Hagalaz may be calling you to invest time in an all-natural setup; or mirror upon your link to all things, pondering life’s definition and also the function of your existence.

The troubles you have actually been handling, may have been outdoors your control; yet this does not indicate you are powerless; actually, far from it. By approving things as they are, you can create effective, brand-new strategies to move on in your life. Allow go of the ideas and also behaviors which are no much longer useful, as well as by doing so, enable on your own to live an extra genuine presence.

Hagalaz – Merkstave Interpretation

Prepare and intend your following step thoroughly, to prevent significant issues. By managing your circumstance with an educated and well-considered strategy; your efforts will certainly have a better possibility of ultimate success, or sense of complete satisfaction. Hagalaz merkstave, likewise indicates adverse rewards; not obtaining the results you had actually expected, or attaining a dream; yet not really feeling completely satisfied with its achievement. In spite of this situation not offering the result you had yearned for, it does indicate the outcome can provide a crucial life lesson, and the opportunity to start afresh with enhanced insight as well as wisdom.

Tiwaz – Upright Interpretation

What is Wunjo Rune? Tiwaz is the rune of justice, harmony, as well as the Spiritual Warrior. When you have actually drawn this runic symbol, Tiwaz is motivating you to exercise resistance as well as endurance, as well as cultivate your inner equilibrium. For your course to become clear, you need to first look within. Drawing Tiwaz, signifies the advancement of your selfdiscipline as well as self-mastery: Cling yourself, and also adhering to your principles, is particularly essential now. By focusing on favorable thoughts as well as power, you can dominate hard problems as well as existing opposition, as well as ultimately attain your goal.

Tiwaz is likewise the indicator of masculine power, standing for the toughness as well as capacity to triumph over adversity. It signifies a significant cycle of motivation, persistence, and sufficient guts to obtain the outcomes for which you have actually hoped. It aims to a flurry of activity, stressing the significance of maintaining your internal accord to stay clear of stress and also restlessness, which could hinder your progression on major objectives. This rune encourages the requirement for willpower and also perseverance if you have actually attracted Tiwaz in concerns to a question regarding a specific endeavor. Picking Tiwaz can additionally signify a new love partnership or service association.


What is Wunjo Rune? Attracting Tiwaz turned around or merkstave, advises against ill-timed or hasty actions. Defend against squandering your energy by doing way too many points at as soon as, or not spending regular initiatives right into realistic goals. Your path might presently be obstructed by concentrating also much on the little points rather than seeing the bigger photo. Tiwaz is directing you to damage via the concern and also adverse reasoning, satisfy your capacity, as well as strive for your dreams.

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