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Who is Erzulie Dantor? She is believed to be the lwa of motherhood. The lwa of divine treatment as well as love, individuals, particularly moms prayer her mostly all year. Who is Erzulie Dantor? Why? It is thought that by venerating this divine being, you will be blessed by wealth crazy and also success. As well as lots of individuals do affirm about the true blessings they have actually received after worshiping her. Who is Erzulie Dantor? Erzulie, the siren of appeal and also love, is the epitome of womanhood as well as womanhood.

The Black Madonna

Who is Erzulie Dantor? She appears in numerous different facets, consisting of Erzulie Dantòr and Mambo Erzulie Fréda Dahomey. Just like the Christian Woman of Sorrows, Erzulie commonly grieves for that which she cannot acquire; and also in some cases leaves an event crying. She is occasionally portrayed as a black Madonna; and other times as an upper course light-skinned mixed-race female adorned in fine apparel and also pricey precious jewelry. She and also her family members of loa can be hired for matters connected to motherhood, and also strong womanly sexuality.

Saint Barbara Africana

She is most commonly stood for by The Black Madonna of Czechoslovakia. The photo that was supposedly given Haiti by the gloss military forces sent out by Napoleon in hopes of reducing the haitian revolution. Various other representations of Erzulie Dantor consists of the Saint Barbara Africana. The most usual representation of Dantor is having memorable features like: Dark ebony skin, a mix of red and blue bathrobe with a hood; a golden crown embellished with numerous treasures put atop on her head, her hand conspicuously placed on her breast and holding a child clothed with a red robe wearing the same crown like hers.

Blessed by Dantor

Who is Erzulie Dantor? She is best understood for her true blessings that worries healing, parenthood, protection from physical violence, lesbians, homosexuals, riches, strength; revenge as well as solitary women. I recommend repairing your routine initially to ensure that you will not have the ability to miss out on the worshiping timetable. Like any type of magnificent beings, being neglected by humans angers them. If you want to steer away from trouble; then fix your routine first so that you will not offend the celestial entity. Erzulie Dantor days are Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Maryaj Lwa

Lots of men additionally wed her in an event called “maryaj lwa” where men wed her in exchange of protection and also several other things. I take place to be married to her and various other female lwas as well. To understand if you are intended to wed her or otherwise; she will be available in a desire and tell you she wants your hand or in a ceremony when had by a “steed” which is the person installing the lwa she might likewise ask you for marriage.

In many residences females also marry her. When she posses a person she makes a sound “kie kie kie” since she cannot speak she makes that noise; the story states that her tongue was reduced while battling the Haitian Revolution in 1804 and she brings a dagger that she utilizes to protect herself as well as her supporters.

Veve of Dantor

Who is Erzulie Dantor? This is the Veve of Dantor, as you can see it signifies a heart with a sword. Mainly due to the fact that she is the god of love and treatment.

In instance you are questioning, here are the steps as well as suggestions in venerating her. She is most typically related to the black creole pig of Haiti the land race pig of Haiti. So make sure that you compromise the right offering; in this case, pet sacrifices must be done at her altar as component of the voodoo ceremony. Additionally do not forget to leave a bowl of griot fried pork recipe, Crème de cacao, rum and Florida Water cologe at her church.


Ogun is among the orisha who concern Voodoo from the Yoruba belief system, as well as is a god related to warriors, blacksmiths, and also the wheels of justice. It’s claimed that if you make a sacrifice of meat to Ogun, you’ll be honored with an effective search. Experts of Haitian Vodou hire Ogun for issues associated with battle as well as problem, and also make offerings of male pets roosters; as well as dogs in specific appear to be his favored. He is represented by an iron knife or machete, and also has a desire for beautiful females and also good rum.


Who is Erzulie Dantor? In Haitian Vodou and also New Orleans Voodoo, Damballah is one of the most crucial loa. He is the creator that aided the god Bondye make the cosmos; as well as is represented by a large snake. His coils formed the paradises and planet, as well as he is the keeper of knowledge, recovery, and also wisdom magic. Remarkably, he is connected with Saint Patrick that is stated to have actually driven the serpents out of Ireland. Erzulie is his consort. Damballah relocations between land and also sea, and is a never ending pressure that represents the veneration of life. His women counterpart, Ayida-Weddo, develops the rainbow.

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