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So you have a person that you would want to control? This is probably the reason why you want to know how to make a real Voodoo doll that works. However, before you learn how to make a real Voodoo doll that works, you have to determine if you want to have full control of the person’s soul or to what extent would you want to use the powers of the Voodoo doll that you’re going to make. In this article, you’ll learn how to make a real Voodoo doll that works and what to expect when you carry out this casting spell.

If you need full control over someone else’s soul, you need to ask the help of the chief bwette in order to fully control a person’s soul. Using a Voodoo doll, you’ll have the powers to not just control someone but also be able to control their soul in a way that other human beings can ever be able to resist.

If you want to know how to make a real Voodoo doll that works you need to be guided by a chief bwette so that you can properly know where to pierce the needle. The Voodoo doll, if done right, can make you control someone and have the influence over their decision. You would be able to make them do something based on your personal desires. The doll can be so powerful that no one can resist or even second – guess your own commands.

How to Make a Real Voodoo Doll that Works: What to Expect

You have to keep in mind that the Voodoo doll takes no for an answer. It usually works no matter what kind of magical powers surrounds the individual you’re trying to control. What makes a Voodoo doll powerful is because the chief creates it from the soul of the person you are targeting which means that if you can capture a person’s soul from the wild, it is believed that no power on earth can ever stop the ancestors of the chief to pass the commands to the person you are trying to control. 

If you’re trying to learn how to make a real Voodoo doll that works make sure to not expect any karma from the Voodoo spells.

When it comes to casting Voodoo spells and curses, there are lots of people who think that part of making how to make a real Voodoo doll that works goes hand in hand with a Black magic spell in order to control someone. Let’s make this clear, you see, black magic spells are supposed to be a correction on various spells that do many things. A black magic spell that aims to control someone is, therefore, a portion of black magic spells.

Black magic spells, when applied with how to make a real Voodoo doll that works, allows you to have the ultimate control over a person as well as the forces and free will that surrounds that person. If you use black magic spells to control a person, then you will be able to conquer the uncontrollable. And as mentioned earlier, once these spells are cast along with how to make a real Voodoo doll that works there’s virtually nothing that can stand in its way to overtake the individual you are targeting.

Black magic to control someone’s mind

Once any kind of spell in this category is cast on a person, you who will cast the spell will also get to have access over the person’s mind. You can control the mind of the target which means that he/ she will surrender his/ her free will to the owner and to the person who cast the black magic spell with the aim of controlling his mind.

So let’s say you cast the black magic to control another individual along with how to make a real Voodoo doll that works, it basically means you’re the one who will think for your target. Every type of command that you pass will go directly to his mind and influence everything just as what you told him/ her to do. Just like a robot.

Love Spells and Easy Voodoo Spells

How to make a real Voodoo doll that works can help in doing easy Voodoo spells and love spells. Love spells with Voodoo dolls are designed to bring back a lover, and it’s perhaps the most powerful. What you should do is get some of your man’s clothes as well as his hair and use these to construct the Voodoo doll.

You can make the human form out of one of his unwashed shirts because it is believed to be more powerful. The next thing to do is to glue his hair on top of the Voodoo doll’s head, and the put small patches of clothes corresponding with where he wears it to make your sculpture more effective and powerful. A successful Voodoo doll will control his physical form in the material world and enable it to enter any physical activity with another person.

Evil voodoo spells

If you’re going to perform evil Voodoo spells, then you have to really be sure that this is your intention because it can fire back. You also have to be sure that what you’re doing what you really want to do to whoever you want to control. Once an evil Voodoo spell is cast on someone, it will seriously destroy that person’s life if you intend it to. It will bring all the evil forces in this world onto your target including dark spirits that will curse your target’s life. If you’re looking to apply this along with how to make a real Voodoo doll that works then be very sure of your intention because some spells are irreversible.

Good Voodoo Spells

These are obviously the opposite of the evil Voodoo spells. Some of these spells can also reverse a few spells created out of evil Voodoo spells. Most of the spells in this category are intended to bring goodness to whoever you’re going to cast it to. If you want to perform this and also learn how to make a real Voodoo doll that works, you first have to set good intentions so that it will give out positive results.

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