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How to practice Voodoo at home? Well, some caveat first. Voodoo spell can constitute some form of danger if a person cast it on his/ her own. And even if I tell you to not do it, you will still be tempted to perform such rituals and try to gain information on how to practice Voodoo at home without asking the help of a professional spell caster. This is why in this article; you’ll learn how to practice Voodoo at home that can be cast by people who are not particularly professional spell casters and would have no esoteric knowledge of this kind of endeavor.

Want to Master Voodoo?

If you truly want to master Voodoo magic, like anything else in life, you should start at the beginning, and understand that after that, you have a responsibility to live your life accordingly. Before doing any type of ritual, you have to make sure that you know it well. Once this spell casting endeavor yields first results, you can then move on to another form of ritual. You have to become an expert if one spell first, and from there, build your foundation in mastering other spells. That’s how you should study all effective Voodoo spells and it’s also the proper way on how to practice Voodoo at home so that one day you can become a real Voodoo magician if that’s your intent.

The pace of your learning will depend on you, and this might take you a year or so depending on how fast you’ll learn things and do it effectively. Just like in life, if you want to become a professional in any field, you must understand that it involves working hard, practicing a lot, and also continuously improving your skills and knowledge.

How to Practice Voodoo at Home?: Tips on Creating a Voodoo Doll

How to practice Voodoo at home involves learning to create a Voodoo doll. It is part of magic spells and definitely plays an important role which is why above anything else, it’s best for you to learn how to create this.

You need to first and foremost, create a Voodoo doll that symbolizes you. For this purpose, you should fast for about a week. Don’t drink, smoke or have sex. On the morning of the eight day, make sure to take a bath and put on clean clothes. That’s when you can start creating your very own Voodoo doll and start on how to practice Voodoo at home. Make sure that you’re also alone at your home and buy all the needed materials.

Here’s how you can do it:

Take a lump of natural beeswax about the size of your palm and put this in front of you. You should then take a pin and prick your hand with it. You would also want your hand to start bleeding a bit. Then keep casting the spell to make your Voodoo doll, and let about 14 drops of blood fall down on the wax. Your goal is to carefully knead the wax with your blood.

Make sure that the doll looks like you. If your goal is to learn how to practice Voodoo at home and do a successful voodoo magic, you need to create a doll that actually resembles you, because if you don’t do that no magic spell will be able to help you achieve whatever it is that you desire.

Once the doll is ready, you need to apply some blood to its chest, forehead, and belly. Then you say
“I name you (say your name). Now you are me!”

However, that’s not the end of the spell to create a Voodoo doll. The next step is to clothe the doll using your clothes that you already wore but haven’t washed yet. You can then start using your shirt to create the doll’s shirt, and your pants to create the doll’s pants. You should also cut a lock of your hair and attach it to the doll’s head.

That’s pretty much it. The spell to create a Voodoo doll for you to learn how to practice Voodoo at home is complete. Make sure to burn down everything that’s left once you’ve finished creating the doll. Don’t forget to put the Voodoo doll in a box and secure it in a safe place because if it ends up in the wrong hands, they’ll be able to control you and your life.

How to Practice Voodoo at Home?: Real Voodoo Magical Spells

There are various magic spells that allow people to change their outer look the way they want. It means that it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you have an esoteric experience or not. If you properly followed how to create a Voodoo doll, you can do real Voodoo magical spells, and be able to learn how to how to practice Voodoo at home.

Did you know that a Voodoo spell can actually help you lose some weight? What you need to do is put four candles on the table. And since, we’re only going to teach you how to practice a light magic spell, the candles have to be light too. Make sure to have two white candles as this color will help fill you with light energies. You can then take a blue or violet candle as these colors will help your mind understand what is going on. Then take a golden candle as it will fill you with health as well as powers to create and help you how to practice Voodoo at home.  

Make sure to light all the candles, and then put your Voodoo doll in the center. This is the time to cast your Voodoo spell for you to lose some weight. What you can do is to undress the doll and touch the area where you have a problem.

You see these magic spells are based on one’s feelings. So if you don’t feel anything that only means you’re doing something wrong or your Voodoo doll is not created properly.

The last step is to smooth out the fat on the doll’s body slowly until it is gone. You should make it look like a muscle if that is what you’re aiming for. In short, make the doll’s body look like what you want your own body to look like. If you perform the ritual properly and learn how to practice Voodoo at home, you’ll feel your body gradually losing weight.

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