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How to become a Voodoo priestess? Those who are called to tend to respect the religion, even more, when they achieved a state of reflective contemplation. One cannot really force oneself when it comes to how to become a Voodoo priestess. The mystery of this practice is already confirmed by sciences and other religions yet the familiar similarity of Voodoo’s underlying forces will only be appreciated intuitively by those who are called. In this article, you’ll learn about the principles on how to become a Voodoo priestess.    

How to Become a Voodoo Priestess?: Philosophies and Practices

According to those who appreciated the immensity of Voodoo, how to become a Voodoo priestess is when one is moved to express wonder and joy. These two concepts are the most essential tribute of the Voodoo religion. This is akin to the sacrifice of the Holy Communion, and they believe it’s the first form of sacrifice.

There are times when practitioners get answers to the question of how to become a Voodoo priestess as well as their other prayers. They may even receive a mystic response to their desires. Those who want to know how to become a Voodoo priestess often see the hands of Voodoo at work in their lives. They often offer some kind of gifts to Voodoo, either material or immaterial form, as a token of appreciation. These days some priestesses insist that the gifts be in kinds like food or alcohol. However, it’s immediately seen that such priestesses who ask for edible gifts will only benefit their own and not for the benefit of the religion. In the purer form of philosophy, any kind of gifts is acceptable to Voodoo because they believe that each individual has no needs to be festooned by humanity.

Sand Heap

Since Voodoo is about being, it doesn’t really need a home or an official place of worship. There are no temples built up for the religion, for they believe that its essential symbol should remain in a primordial state and real just like Voodoo itself. 

There are however some places of worship in different parts of Africa for members. Some of those places have sanctuaries wherein they perform their rites and rituals. While some serve as a place of learning the religion. Within those sanctuaries, you can observe the different sacred symbols of Voodoo. For those who wants to know how to become a Voodoo priestess, you can learn a lot by going to one of these places. For them it’s always recognized that the religion is something that is transcendental by nature and can’t be contained or confined.

In most African communities, the symbol is a mound of earth. It represents the religion at home and also in a Diaspora. It’s a heap of sand, in all its originality and humility, and they believe that it contains the key to life’s mysteries.

The symbol of earth for them has deeper meanings. They believe that it is the start of all creation and an originator. It’s the mother of all beings, and it’s the planet where all living materials are created. Out of all the heavenly bodies in the entire universe, earth is considered as humanity’s sanctuary.

The earth is pure, primordial and potent in nature. It is alive, and it brings forth life’s multiplicity that fills the entire planet. All the fruits, wealth and abundance as well as the enjoyment of earthly life is facilitated by earth’s consciousness. For them since this plane is the final devourer of all living things, it is holy and sanctified.

How to Become a Voodoo Priestess?: Reflection and Devotion

Part of becoming how to become a Voodoo priestess is to understand that Voodoo is represented by a mound of the earth like a heap of sand, a hill or mountain. Inside this mound lies the active force that exists all reality which activates life. The idea is to activate the earth’s potential force that lies underneath the mound of sand.

There are some devotees that subscribe to the practice of blood sacrifice. They usually pour blood on the sand heap because they believe that it could activate the force of the earth. However, it’s not necessary to do this in a cruel manner in the hope that one might get a reaction from the deities. The deities that created all living things take no joy in their needless destruction and suffering as offerings to their powers.

Pure water is enough to activate the Voodoo force in the mound of sand. It is also believed that purity of the mind is even better. The burning of herbs and incense could also be another way to activate the powers of Voodoo. The ignition of an person’s inner fire through devotion, reflection and meditation can definitely help lead the Voodoo force.

How to Become a Voodoo Priestess?: Balance in Nature

The right thoughts, words and actions can also help how to become a Voodoo priestess. This is because the Voodoo loves beautiful characters which is why it’s best that people do simple good deeds and thoughts as these are already sufficient to initiate spiritual communion with the divine.

A person who wants to know how to become a Voodoo priestess must guard and also respect the words that he/ she say. A true devotee should venerate the earth, his sustainer, creator and mother. One must also learn how to respect the balance of the ecosystem.

A Voodoo practitioner should value humanity without exception. The religion demands its devotees to be just and right with humans at all times regardless of their stature in life. It also demands respect to all living things. They believe that the same Voodoo lies in humanity, and lives in the Sun, stone and other manifestations. The animals are also believed to have kindred souls that are entitled to have compassion, justice and respect.

Voodoo also seeks balance in nature. It invokes the waves of peace over a human society, and maintains balance of justice. In the religion, there’s a male and female. In all spiritual communions, you’ll learn that females are called first before males.


How to become a Voodoo priestess? Well, there happens to be a special group of individuals who have a natural affinity for all mystical and mysterious things. Those people are usually endowed with special talents and intelligent, and sometimes they also have a gift of clairvoyance.

In this religion, one can say that Voodoo priestesses are the prophets who are called by powers to aid humanity in their quest for loftier truths.

Those who were called by the religion serve humanity one way or another, and they can’t help but answer to their calling. One can’t also volunteer on how to become a Voodoo priestess. You only become one because it is the intended path for your life. A Voodoo priestess or prophet has these roles because for them there are no other options. They are called to do this. For them, Voodoo is life, and it’s the only way to live.

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