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The ‘wanga’ or the Voodoo doll, is one of the tools that are used in Voodoo practices. This practice involves a magic charm that is produced for malignant purposes. But, as the centuries passed, Voodoo practices change. The usage of a Voodoo doll was then fashioned for seeking death or even revenge. There is a great difference between the wood, wax, and other images that are related to the medieval Black Magic with the Voodoo Doll. The main difference is the preparation method, as well as the rituals. The purpose and preparation are the two main deciding factors. Practicing Voodoo is no joke, so this article will help you understand how not to only use the dolls but also how to prepare for this task.

Voodoo Doll Colors, Meanings, and Ritual Preparations

Listed below are the preparation as well as the ritual for negative purposes such as revenge, that was used back in the days.

  • Get a small piece of subject’s clothing and put it on the doll. You also need to attach another article of the person such as hair, nail cuttings, or etc.
  • Add a drop of animal or human blood to the cloth. You also need to put it on the article of the person. Put it also inside the doll through opening a seam and then sewing it back tightly again after you have placed the items inside.
  • In making the doll, it should have mouth, eyes, and a cross that signifies the heart. These could either be sewn or painted. The back should contain the Voodoo sign.
  • You need to lay the prepared doll on the paper or cloth between two black candles. Do this at midnight. You need to have something made of iron, such as a piece of nail, to place on the head of a doll.
  • You should put Voodoo fashion with Jinx oil or crossing to the candles, afterwards, you need to light it.
  • Rub the oil from the center of the candle going to the top starting from the center to the bottom. This is the proper way to anoint it. This stroke is never done in one direction only.

Reciting These Rituals

After you have light the candles, make sure to utter the following words to mark the beginning of the ritual or spell:

“Be you gone and may you, (name is spoken), rot in the grave.

Damballah, curse him as I curse him and spoil him as I spoil him. By the fire at night, by the dead black hen, by the bloody throat, by the goat, by the rum on the ground, this ouanga be upon him. May he have no peace in bed, nor at his food, nor can he go and hide. Waste him and wear him and tear him and rot him as these rot.”

This Voodoo practices and rituals has an unknown meaning and origin. However, the chant we have just mentioned is also used for success and almost any other rituals.

Other Voodoo Doll Practices

Red Voodoo Doll

In love rituals, the Red Voodoo Doll is used. You write the name of the desired person on a piece of parchment paper. You attach it to the doll with a pin piercing to the heart. Before you pin it, make sure that the head is painted red. You need to place the doll on a red piece of cloth and put the “Come to Me” oil or any kind of available love oil. After doing this, you should put a red candle on each side of the doll.

Anoint It

Make sure that the candles are anointed with love oil. Pray as you light the candles that your desire will be fulfilled. You need to burn the candles up to the socket. The next day, hide the doll in a safe place. You need to do it over and over again until you are satisfied with the result, however, you should not do it more than once a week.

Green Voodoo Doll

For money rituals, you should use the Green Voodoo Doll. To do this practice, make sure to sew a small silver coin inside the doll. The two candles should be anointed with “Money Drawing” oil and also sprinkle the oil in the doll. Say a prayer to receive adequate finances after seeing the doll in between the candles, afterward, light the candles.

White Voodoo Doll

If you want to do health rituals, you should use the White Voodoo Doll. Anoint the two red “Radiant Health” candles with healing oil, after which you sprinkle the oil on the doll. After you have lit the candles and put them on each side of the doll, make sure to say a prayer for the health of the person.

Yellow Voodoo Doll

To draw people, gain friendship, as well as to make you magnetic, charming, popular, as well as beloved, you should use the Yellow Voodoo Doll as your Voodoo Practice. You need to use two purple “Conquering Glory”. Make sure to anoint it with “Crown of Success oil”. You should also sprinkle these on the dolls bearing the names of the person in a parchment paper and pin it. You need to place the doll in between the candles and make sure to burn it to the socket. After the ritual, place the doll in a safe place and make sure to lock it with a key. Do not forget to wrap it in a yellow colored satin before you bid it away.  Repeat the ritual if necessary.

Pink Voodoo Doll

To fight off any form of evil and also use it for protection, make sure to use the Pink Voodoo Doll for your pursued Voodoo Practice. Place a name tag on the doll and anoint candles which are the brown “Drive Away” using an uncrossing oil. You should also sprinkle these on the doll. Make sure to sprinkle also on the doll.


Put the four candles, forming in a square and put the doll in the center. When you light the candle, make sure you walk around the doll four times. You need to whisper a success chant as you circle the candles. You need to leave the doll in the circle through the night. The next day, wrap the doll in pink cloth and make sure to put it in a cabinet or drawer near a window. Make sure to take it out if you want to repeat the ritual.


In performing Voodoo Practices, there are special things that you need to do after the chant, such as burning, sticking pins into the doll, tying a small rope or a thread around the neck, put it in a coffin-like box or even bury it in the ground. Sometimes, two dolls are used to make the spell more effective. One is used during the practice while the other one is hidden in the house of the victim. All the candles used in the practices should be burned to the socket and each candle should have its own holder.

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