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Those who are born between March 21 and April 19 fall under the zodiac sign Aries, symbolized by the Ram. As the first of the zodiac, the Aries sign is often the harbinger of beginnings. Ruled by the planet Mars, which encourages conflict, aggression, and competition, an Aries tends to be intense, spirited, and incredibly driven. 

Along with Leo and Sagittarius, zodiac sign Aries belongs to the Fire element, which represents warm-heartedness, spontaneity, and excitement for life. Therefore, an Aries possesses a natural thirst for adventure, often found in the thick of the action. They often seek out new experiences and live off the thrill of challenges. They like to push themselves to the limit and are courageous, daring, and determined.

Aries Personality Traits

An Aries can have a turbulent presence, as fierce as an oncoming storm. Those born under Aries have strong personalities that allow them the energy and urge to fight for their goals. They are curious and tends to meddle; their strong sense of justice leads them to plenty of arguments from which they never back down.

An Aries likes to always have the last word, regardless of whether they are actually in the right or not. They will defend themselves and other until the last second. Their overflowing courage can be seen as recklessness sometimes, as they tend to rush headfirst without thinking things through.

Assertive and headstrong, zodiac sign Aries will bulldoze itself past any challenge that comes its way. They will overcome any obstacle come hell or high water, even with only their sheer force of will.

They are enthusiastic too, allowing them to live with no regrets. They are a whirlwind of excitement, unstoppable forces of nature that refuse to be pushed around. Bold and daring, they are not afraid to defy the odds stacked against them.


Those born under zodiac sign Aries are often trendsetters and trailblazers. They expend their energy on being the best, and thus their fire burns the brightest. With their can-do attitude, nothing is truly impossible.

However, their overly stubborn and aggressive nature makes them difficult to handle sometimes. They can be overbearing and tactless, off-putting to others around them. Their tendency to push people to their limits can also cause conflict. People born under Aries tend to be hot-headed, which means there are indeed many arguments to be had with this sign.

Their single-mindedness to shatter expectations, both self-imposed and otherwise, can make them come across as completely self-absorbed and arrogant. Their relentlessness can also be tiring to watch, much more keep up with. And this sign finds it difficult to tolerate others who cannot match the energy they put into their own endeavours. Those born under zodiac sign Aries also have little to no patience for diplomacy, being quick-tempered and quite volatile.

The fire of an Aries can burn intensely hot, razing its challengers to the ground. And yet this same fire enables them to be innovators and leaders, lighting the way for those who come after them.

Love and Relationships for Aries

An Aries sees what it likes and take steps to get it. This same principle applies to their relationships as well. Those born under Aries will take the initiative in romance, often confessing and expressing their feelings first.

They are prone to showering their loved ones with love and affection, bringing all their passion and warmth into the relationship. As such, they can be very loving and intense partners, who express their desires in a straightforward and direct manner.

No Mind Games

Those born under Aries have no time for mind games. They don’t like ambiguity and thus appreciate truthfulness and directness. They can sometimes be jealous if they aren’t secure in the knowledge of their importance to their partner. As such, they need encouragement and constant attention. They also like to be kept on their toes, often with activities that keep things interesting.

When an Aries falls in love, it is all in, experiencing all of love, tenderness, joy, and peaceful satisfaction. There is no halfway point or gray areas for an Aries, so you have to be sure in your commitment to one. They will return this commitment with a loyalty just as steady and strong.

An Aries is most compatible with a Libra or a Leo.

Friends and Family for Aries

Those born under Aries enjoys new encounters and a warm, loving social circle. They use a direct and honest approach in their friendships. It’s easy for an Aries to get to know people, though these are not necessarily long-term connections. For that to happen, an Aries needs to see that you are as invested and as energetic about the friendship as they are.

An Aries doesn’t appreciate restrictions, especially at home. As children, they need patience and freedom to be able to the familial bond to survive into adulthood.  

Ideal Career Choices for Aries

An Aries prefers giving orders than receiving them. Those born under the Aries sign can use their vast energy and infinite determination in highly competitive environments. They can thrive as stock brokers, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes. They can also be successful in law enforcement, and with their attention to detail, they can choose other such challenging career options like being a surgeon.

Famous Aries

Some famous people born under the zodiac sign Aries are Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Robert Downey, Jr., Marc Jacobs, and Leonardo da Vinci.

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