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Those who are born between July 23 and August 22 fall under the zodiac sign Leo, symbolized by the Lion, king of the jungle. Ruled by the Sun, which encourages determination, self-worth, and optimism, Leos tend to be natural-born leaders who are passionate, confident, and with a sense of pride. 

Along with Aries and Sagittarius, zodiac sign Leo belongs to the Fire element, which represents warm-heartedness, spontaneity, and excitement for life. Leos, therefore, are quite fiery in nature, prone to taking risks and living life to the fullest. They constantly search for self-growth, and like the Lion that symbolize their sign, they take life by the reins and rule with a fierce determination. They give everything their best shot, and their self-confidence and dominance allow them to get what they want in any area of life.

Leo Personality Traits

Leos have a natural charisma that draws people in, with an air of dignity typical of the regal and the noble. They tend to have quite a huge social circle consisting of people who fell for their charm. With Leos, you’re in for a good time. They love luxury and material things, and if they deem you under their protection, they will bequeath you with their generosity and loyalty.

Center of Attention

Leos love being in the center of attention and adore being in the spotlight. They thrive on compliments and admiration, and since they’re pretty outgoing and captivating, it comes easily to them. It’s easy to fall under the sway of a Leo in action, and like the sun, Leos can make you feel warm and energized.

Passionately loyal, fearless, and resolute, Leos command attention and demand trust as well. They have a strong moral compass that allows them to be steadfast in helping others, though their fierce sense of pride prevents them from accepting help themselves. They never shy away from responsibility and instead savors it; if they can lift this burden from others, then they’re glad to step up to the plate.

Natural Leaders

They can easily lead others, but they don’t appreciate being ordered around. This might make them seem arrogant and conceited. In truth, they probably just feel like it is their duty to guide and even guard others.

However, they are indeed times when zodiac sign Leo display a rather dominating personality. This sign, after all, is ruled by the ego, and therefore they don’t do well when that ego is damaged. They like being in control, and when that control is relinquished, they freak out and might appear overly aggressive to compensate.

Being naturally proud, zodiac sign Leo don’t handle their insecurities well and thus often may react negatively to criticism. Though they won’t admit it, they work hard to gain others’ approval, which is why it’s more difficult for them to deal with rejections.

To offset their need for validation, they may come off as selfish and egotistical. However, Leos also work hard to meet others’ perceptions because it makes them feel good to prove that they can meet those expectations.

Love and Relationships for Leos

Leos love to be in love. They always need to feel appreciated and loved, and when they do, they return that love tenfold. They are all for grand gestures and romantic escapades, and they enjoy the theatrics involved in courtship and dating. They want to be able to show their love not only to impress their partner but also the world.

Leos like cultivating strong, long-lasting relationships. They’re in it for the long haul, so to speak. This is why when relationships collapse, they take it as a personal failure, a huge blow to their pride.

They don’t apologize well since they have trouble admitting they are wrong to themselves, much more to their partner. However, if they are wronged, they forgive pretty easily as long as the feel that the apology is sincere and heartfelt.

Relationships with a zodiac sign Leo is full of fun, excitement, and passion. They like having fun, so there’s no dull moment when you’re with your Leo partner.

Leos are most compatible with the signs Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Friends and Family for Leos

Rarely alone, Leos are the life of the party, often the perfect hosts for events and celebrations. They value the sense of community, and so they are protective of their friends and family. They do not treat kindly to threats, whether perceived or otherwise. You best expect that if a Leo is threatened, manes will puff and the roar will not be just for show.

Ideal Career Choices for Leos

Leos possess a natural magnetism allows them to unite various kinds of people and lead them towards a common goal. This makes them effective bosses and managers. Their high energy and propensity to get a crowd going can also make them great actors and entertainers.

Famous Leos

Some famous zodiac sign Leo include Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis, Barack Obama, and Carl Jung.

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