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Those who are born between February 20 and March 20 fall under zodiac sign Pisces, the last of the 12 zodiac signs, symbolized by the Fish. Ruled by the planet Neptune, which encourages illusion, ingenuity, and imagination, Pisces tend to be full of creativity whether expressed through art, music, or drama.  

Along with Cancer and Scorpio, zodiac sign Pisces is a Water sign. The Water element represents empathy and compassion. As such, Pisces tend to be selfless, giving, and generous, with an expanded emotional capacity. Deeply empathetic and with an impressive reserve of patience and gentleness, Pisces emit an amiable aura that makes them great friends and romantic partners.

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces are intuitive and sensitive to the feelings of others and their own. Their introspective nature and have a keen sense of kindness and compassion. They can adapt well to whatever circumstances they are thrust upon; armed with their uncanny sense of perceiving what other people want, they can adjust to deliver what is needed from them. This makes Pisces agreeable and generally likable.

Zodiac sign Pisces are drawn to the fantastic and mystical, and they find avenues that can express those desires more fully, often through creative endeavors. This is why Pisces often thrive in environments that let them unleash and leverage their imaginative and creative nature. Whether through art, literature, music, or drama, Pisces can find a way to give life to their vivid imaginations.


They carry entire realms and universes within their minds. Sometimes, however, Pisces fail to get out of the imagined and into what is real. As such, they sometimes called daydreamers lost in their own selves.

As the last of the zodiac, zodiac sign Pisces embody the human will to transcend the present and evolve into something better, something greater. Pisces are the most mystical of the 12 signs, and as such they are always searching for the deeper meaning of life, connecting the material world into the divine. Like the Fish that symbolize them, they are able to go with the current of life and take things as they happen. It is easy for Pisces to let go as they understand that things that are meant to be will be.

Compassionate and Kind – Hearted

Though their big hearts are often a blessing in a harsh world, it could also lead them to trouble. Sometimes, zodiac sign Pisces care too much to the point of being pulled into situations that don’t concern them. They want to help too much and solve others’ problems, which could lead to them being manipulated or taken advantage of. They want to believe the best in people, which is why Pisces can be easily led astray by empty promises.

As compassionate and kind-hearted people, Pisces cannot stand to see others hurt. Given this, they are unwilling to make decisions that may upset others. They’d rather shoulder that themselves instead of putting the burden to someone else.

Pisces need to learn to protect themselves. Their empathy and compassion make it quite easy for them to cross over from merely being kind to being martyrs.

Love and Relationships for Pisces

One needs to be patient to get through a zodiac sign Pisces. This is because though naturally considerate and congenial, Pisces do have the tendency to be quite closed-off and lost in their thoughts. They need both time and space to effectively work through their feelings, and since they feel a lot, it might take a long time.

Once you’ve connected with a Pisces, however, you’re in for a real loving relationship. Pisces are fiercely loyal, and their selflessness manifests even in their romances. They are romantics in the purest sense, and they will give you everything without asking for anything in return. 

Pisces are sensitive, which means harsh words can cut them far deeper than you intend to. Be sure to be gentle and tender with your Pisces lover.

Pisces are most compatible with the signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Friends and Family for Pisces

Pisces need caring, loving, and gentle friends. They need a lot of encouragement too, but they also appreciate being given the time and space for introspection and solitude. They like to help, and in friendship circles, they often sense if something is wrong before it happens. As such, they take steps to avoid issues from exploding.

However, their innate kindness can be often manipulated if the people around them don’t have their best interest at heart. This is why Pisces need friends and family who will protect them from being exploited.

Ideal Career Choices for Pisces

Pisces have a wealth of creativity and imagination. As such, Pisces can thrive in positions that can make use of their creative skills and won’t restrict their vision. A zodiac sign Pisces can work well as a designer, a writer, a musician, or an architect.

The creativity Pisces possess can only be matched by their empathy. They have an innate need to help others and make the world kinder and better. Given their natural ability to make others feel better, they can also flourish as nurses, veterinarians, or social workers.

Famous Pisces

Some famous zodiac sign Pisces include Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Daniel Craig, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Founding Father George Washington.

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