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Old world witchcraft believes their ancestors don’t separate their daily lives from magic. It’s more than just a practice; it’s a way of living a comfortable life. Those who practice witchcraft look at the world by understanding the collaboration and co-existence between the physical and spiritual realm. Witches are always in tune with themselves, in alignment with nature, and with the powerful witch within.

What is an Old World Witchcraft

This way, witches who are practicing old world witchcraft belief system honors all-encompassing lifestyle of witches. Becoming a witch emphasizes the sacred relationship with your inner witch. You tap these qualities by harnessing the forces of nature. It’s a road to self-discovery that will establish connection to the powerful witch inside you. You have within you, an inner witch capable of transforming each and every aspect of your life in about any way you please. Effective spell-casting becomes second nature, as well as making potions.

This also includes getting rid of the unattainable and complicated misconceptions if witchcraft, the occult, and magic. They know the ways to alter their life’s circumstances and prosper as the free master of their own experiences.

Spell-work and rituals are types of creations. Both are ways of manifesting the invisible and the conceivable into real-life verifiable shapes and forms, through perfectly natural ways.

What Makes Old World Witchcraft Different from Wiccan Tradition

Wiccan is a young pagan religion, whereas witchcraft is a spiritual practice with its roots dating all the way back to the beginning of man. There may be lack of information about witchcraft practice past Middle Ages, but archaeological evidences suggests mankind have been honoring gods and goddesses, local and land spirits, and their ancestors through cave writings over 30,000 years ago.

Unlike what most people think, old world witchcraft doesn’t teach wishful thinking, or teach people the ways to be happy and wait for things to fall into their laps. It’s not a new age religion. Many traditional witches don’t even believe in Karma and Dogma, judgment or even the Wiccan Rede.

Old world witchcraft is more about believing in yourself and how one can make peace with the outside world, starting from within. They promote loving and appreciating one’s self, as it’s the best way to experience the world differently, and fully.

Old world witchcraft believes in making their rules and following that inner voice within. They believe in the ultimate free will and of course – magic, which is their way of developing and empowering one’s self.

Old world witchcraft is definitely NOT a guide book on how one should be a witch and live life. Again, it is for people who make their own rules; for people who follow their inner witch within, and not requiring permission from anyone.

The Witches of Old World Witchcraft

These witches of old world witchcraft put energetic principles into physical work, allowing witches to achieve all the things they desire, through the help of natural magic of ancestors. It’s for people looking for an alternative change in their lives. They teach how not to be afraid of the “forbidden”, as they celebrate the ‘forbidden’ as a way of declaring independence and embracing the free inquiry spirit.

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