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How to interpret a confusing tarot card? Coming across a confusing tarot reading can happen more often that one would expect. You could be in the middle of reading the cards and the intention has already been set. How to interpret a confusing tarot card? We know what we want to achieve, whether we explicitly state it or not. We comprehend the context of the situation and what we want to arrive at.  In this article, you’ll learn how to interpret a confusing tarot card?

Let’s Begin

How to interpret a confusing tarot card? Now, the time to draw our cards is here. However, to our immense disappointment, none of the cards make sense relative to the question we asked or the intention we cast. Instead of being able to connect the dots as in typical readings, we are getting a whole lot of blanks and question marks.

This seems like a disheartening scenario, especially if you are bent on getting concrete answers. But don’t fret! This is part of the journey. As with other learning processes, reading cards would also present you with some stumbling blocks, and that is to be expected as you embark on building a closer bond with your deck.

Setting Your Expectation in Reading Tarots

How to interpret a confusing tarot card? So, how do you go about avoiding a confusing tarot reading? Well, the major part is to set the expectations before you even begin the process. Accuracy can play a big deal in tarot, but there is also power in having a reading that can bring you various perspectives, thus allowing you to take responsibility of your decisions and creating your own path.

Asking the Right Questions in Reading Tarots

Of course, aside from setting reasonable expectations of your tarot reading, there is also the factor of asking the right questions. That in itself can be considered an art form. Asking the right questions allow us to prevent a confusing reading as we state a query in a clear, concise way. It also helps us put more power into our responsibilities in making decisions that affect our lives. For instance, there is a significant difference in approach and intent between “Will I get a promotion?” and “How can I improve my performance and thus increase my chance in getting a promotion?”

Taking Note of Emotions and Impressions in Reading Tarots

How to interpret a confusing tarot card? Another thing that can help in dealing with a confusing tarot card reading is to check on your emotions and impressions about the reading. Do the cards make you feel something? If so, can you identify which emotions they create in you? When you are doing a tarot reading whether for yourself or for a client, there can be a sense of expectation that might go against the actual reading. It is important to separate the two so that you can more effectively tap into the emotions surrounding the reading.

Describing the Tarot Card for a More Effective Reading

Tarot cards are complex objects, each containing multiple layers and multiple meanings. Each artist’s interpretation of what the cards could mean could vary, depending on a lot of factors. Before proceeding with the reading, it helps to approach it in such a way that you can comprehend the general meaning of the card while also bringing into the fold the individual details surrounding the card and the situation.

Searching for Patterns in Tarot Readings

How to interpret a confusing tarot card? If you are a beginner at reading tarot cards, then it helps to read card by card and get a general feel of them so that you can ground yourself. However, as you progress into attempting to see and understand the bigger picture, it is time to start looking at all your cards and spot the patterns. No matter the position or placement of the placements, there will be commonalities you can find. These commonalities can help you make a more comprehensive reading.

Here are some patterns that can help you out.

Elements / Suit

When the reading is being skewed towards one suit, it can indicate that the reading is being affected by that element or suit.


This is most helpful for the minor arcana. A higher percentage of one number could mean being preoccupied by something.


Directions could also help guide you into a more comprehensive reading. Take note of the way to which the cards are facing and what they are looking at.

Drawing a Clarifying Card to Help Make Sense of a Confusing Tarot Reading

How to interpret a confusing tarot card? If you are stuck on where your tarot cards left you, then it might be helpful to draw a clarifying card. This added card could provide another dimension that could aid in providing your reading more depth and context. This is only a last resort for many; sometimes, adding another layer to the reading leaves you more confused than enlightened, after all.


At the end of the day, if you still could not make sense of your tarot reading, it is best to take a breather, especially if you are only doing it for yourself. How to interpret a confusing tarot card? Sometimes, things become a lot clearer at a later date, when we have taken a break from the confusion and allowed ourselves some space to rethink things through.

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