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For you to be able to answer how to interpret tarot card you pulled for a particular day, you have to pay attention to the different sides of the card and observe the energy you feel for yourself or with other people. Say for example, you pulled out a King of Cups card, you can first lay out its literal meaning like this card is someone who is a nurturer, who cares deeply and can be strongly attached to things or people they have a relationship with. Another way on how to interpret tarot card is you could be getting from this card could also pertain to someone who is protective or quite controlling; there could also be an abundance of emotion in general. In this article, you’ll learn some methods and tips on how to interpret tarot card.

How to Interpret Tarot Card? Tips and Tricks

How to interpret tarot card is through relating the meanings or characteristics of the card in your experiences throughout the day. Of course, not everyone has the luxury to recap their whole day or record every significant thing that happen (if any) but you have to be aware of things like the energy or characteristics of the card and how it played out its different attributes during the day. You can learn from that so you can have a better understanding of how you can use it in the future whenever you’re doing a card reading for the day.

So, basically there’s no formula or standard method even for expert readers when it comes to interpreting a tarot card for the day, some books or guides may tell you tips or guiding principles but it’s clearly up to you on how you interpret things and relate the energies or events that happened to you with the card you pulled for that particular day, sometimes you just have to be consciously aware of it or maybe do some mental notes.

The context doesn’t really matter, and according to most tarot readers, the symbols of tarot cards are all parts of our lives’ constellations – the more you can define and depict events in your day to day life, the more you’ll be able to understand and recognize the energy from a tarot card. Here are some tips on how to interpret tarot card:

Learn Your Deck’s Structure

Being familiar with your tarot deck will help you memorize your cards more including the impact or meanings of the cards belonging in the major and minor ones. The tarot deck is composed of 22 Major Arcana (0 – 21) and 56 Minor Arcana (16 Court Cards; 40 Pip Cards – compose of 10 for each 4 suits). If you want to learn the meanings of the cards, you have to separate them out and individually learn them in different kinds of situations or reading types, before you’ll be able to connect them to one another, you have to know their individual significance.

The Major Arcana are cards focuses on the spiritual and psychological experiences of an individual. It also denotes the inner growth or development of a person. The Minor Arcana are composed of tarot cards that are relating to everyday life or relating to situations with people as well as how an individual is dealing with the daily life and the struggles that come along with it.

Be Familiar with the Four Suits

There are four suits in the minor arcana; these are pentacles (earth), swords (air), cups (water), wands (fire). It’s important to understand the nature of these four suits and the meaning of the ten tarot cards within each suit.

Learn How to Interpret Numbers

The numbers for each suit is composed of 1 to 10; each number within each suit has a specific meaning that you need to understand. Sometimes numbers have a relatively similar meaning but the only difference is the aspect or how you look at it while also considering the suit that it came from. So if it’s number ten for example, ten means the end of a cycle, if it’s ten of cups it might pertain to the end of an emotional journey, if it’s ten of swords it could mean the end of the struggles for that person etc. that’s why it could be focusing on the different aspect of an individual but the number relatively has the same meaning.

Choose Cards that has a Common Imagery

This is particularly helpful for beginners, most expert readers recommend buying tarot cards that has common imagery to help you easily remember because there are some tarot decks that will look kind of unusual and sometimes hard to remember. So try to buy tarot cards that are friendly to you or speak to you because that way you can be easily familiar with it and you’re not going to struggle to figure out what kind it is while you’re doing the reading.

How to Interpret Tarot Card? Memorizing Your Deck

In this section, you’ll learn some methods or ways on how you can memorize the meanings of each card.

Connect Keywords

As mentioned earlier, you may want to use keywords for each card as well as the elements involve. So always remember three or four keywords for the numbers, for the elements, and for each suit and then combine these keywords to draw a meaning. For example, you pulled out a Three of Pentacles card, you can dissect it down by having a keyword for the number three, for the pentacles suit, for the element of pentacles which is earth, and then just combine those keywords so that it can form a meaning. Connecting your keywords with the number, element and suit is one of the ways in which you can start reading the tarot cards and relating it to an aspect in your subject’s life.

Draw Meanings from the Imagery/Symbols in the Card

If you don’t like using keywords or you’re the kind of person who possibly can derive much better meanings from pictures instead of memorizing words, you can use this method during your reading and then just relate the depicted imagery to one another. Of course you still have to know the basic meaning behind each object or symbol in the card but for some people they can easily remember those keywords if they literally describe the pictures and expound the meaning from there.

Memorize meanings by associating it with people or circumstances.

Another great method you can use that can be very effective in remembering the meaning of your tarot cards is if you associate it with people or circumstances.

You can associate a card with something that has perhaps a personal meaning to you that whenever you think about it, you will remember. If it helps, you can also associate it with a story from your personal life that can be related to the meaning of the card so you can easily remember it. Those are the ways on how to interpret tarot card.  

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