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Lots of beginners ask, how to learn tarot reading. One way is through storytelling. You can use tarot cards as a tool for your imagination to tell a story that can enhance your reading skills and make you more familiar with the energies of your card. It’s not about interpreting the literal meaning of the cards, it’s more about using the images and symbols of the card and how a story may evolve or unfold once it is drawn, that’s the basic way on how to learn tarot reading. You can pull out three cards to represent the beginning of the story, another three for the middle of the story and three more cards for the conclusion of the story. In this article, you’ll learn how to learn tarot reading and a basic step – by – step guide.

How to Learn Tarot Reading?:  Narrative Context

You can use narratives on how to learn tarot reading to practice self – awareness and also be more familiar with your deck; it will also help you as a reader to allow the imagery of the cards to ‘talk’ to you. It’s not about interpretation or discernment; it focuses more on your creative imagination process.

Take the time to work with the cards you draw and then try to determine what kind of story emerges from those cards. Reflect on it and also try to notice if the story is something that is similarly related to what’s going on in your life.

Set The Mood

As an example, you must set the scene, set the tone, and probably make up some characters for your first three cards since this will serve as the introduction of your story. Then the next set of three cards will serve as the climax of your story – so there’s a dilemma or some kind of action to the story. Once you have move through the introduction and the climax, you can begin to formulate a narrative out of it and just let your mind flow without thinking about the meanings of each card, just focus on the image and draw a story from there. The last set of three cards will play out as the final outcome or ending of your narrative.

Narratives or practicing storytelling with your cards tells you as a reader that there’s more to tarot card reading, it’s not just about answering a query or about getting direct answers or guidance from it. It’s a technique to help you how to learn tarot reading and broaden your imagination, use your creativity and basically learn more about yourself because that will help you become a much better and effective tarot reader.

Basic Steps on How to Learn Tarot Reading

One of the question most asked by beginners in line with how to learn tarot reading is how to shuffle cards, and it’s actually interesting because this is a ‘big deal’ when it comes to tarot reading since shuffling of cards is a process that happens before a reading, that’s why many people are asking if there’s actually a significance or if there’s an impact to the reading if the cards are shuffled or not. It’s sort of a way to prepare your cards for a tarot reading.

There’s a lot of ways in which a tarot reader can do a reading and the shuffling or not shuffling of cards depends on what kind of reading is going to be implemented, the kinds of questions that will be asked by the client or the kind of method that will be used by the reader. The notion of how a reader should shuffle a card is related to the kind of layout or spread that you’re going to use for a particular reading.

Cleanse the Card

Some experts will tell you to sort of ‘cleanse the card’ by surrounding it with crystals or some kind of energy stones to clear out the energies from its previous reading so the cards can start anew, this is not required but it depends on you if you believe in that kind of philosophy. Another method you can use if you’re doing a relatively simple questioning session or simple methods of layout is to just randomly ‘shuffle’ the cards on the table, make a pile while these cards are faced down and then let your client draw the card because it makes the subject responsible for the card they get.

Let ‘Em Shuffle

For some readers, they let their clients shuffle and cut the cards in the most comfortable way possible, not like how dealers shuffle cards in the casino sort of thing (although it can be done too) but in a way where they will feel the cards in an intuitive level before stacking them up. Again, there is no exact method of shuffling or preparing your cards; these are merely guidelines of how to do it based from various tarot readers’ experiences, at the end of the day it’s up to you in finding your own style of doing things.

The following guidelines will get you started on how to learn tarot reading, if you’re just a beginner it’s probably best if you follow the basic step provided in this section so that you can get used to the process of how to do a tarot reading. This guide applies to readings that are based on a written/oral question.

Prepare the following:

  • The written/oral questions from your clients/subjects/seekers
  • Your Tarot Deck
  • The spread or layout you will use (depends on the area that your subject/client want to focus on)
  • Yourself (you must make sure that you know the basics of tarot reading and be mentally and emotionally prepared as well)

Now there are a lot of tarot cards and apart from memorizing its literal meaning, you also have to keep in mind its elements, the suits, the numbers and its significance or relation to one another etc., so there’s a lot of things you need to remember and consider while doing a reading which is why keywords can help because it can make you associate or connect the meaning of a particular card and its significance since words are also connected with one another somehow.


You can use at least 3 or 4 keywords for each card especially if you’re just starting to learn this craft. It will take a period of time before you fully memorize and understand the meaning of each card so you have to really commit in studying how to learn tarot reading if you want to become a proficient reader or be able to give an accurate reading.

  • Set the mood: Do a tarot reading where you feel comfortable in and as much as possible avoid places with distractions.
  • Relax your mind and your client: If it helps you can talk to your subject about his/her current feelings, if he/she is comfortable or just simply try to connect with him/her.
  • Ask or Read the Question: Remember though that when it comes to questions, it should not be like a yes/no type of query, it should be more about what to do in a certain situation/the best advice. How to learn tarot reading will help a person deal with particular things not necessarily answer a direct question.

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