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How to make choices using a tarot spread? Making tough choices is part of life. Especially when we are in the cusp of moving forward in our lives or are faced with making significant changes, we must make difficult choices to avoid getting stuck in where we are. How to make choices using a tarot spread? Tarot cards can be helpful in making these tough decisions. Though many people believe that tarot cards are merely for fortune telling, it should be noted that they can aid us in arriving at decisions that have a significant bearing on how we live our lives. How to make choices using a tarot spread? Reading tarot cards is an art form in and of itself, and it is an art form that is complex and multi-layered. Here is how you can use tarot cards in making decisions, and also tips in giving you a spread that could clarify the significance of making different choices for you.

Creating a Space to Reflect before Using the Five – Card Tarot Spread

How to make choices using a tarot spread? First of all, if you are contemplating using tarot cards as a tool in you decision making process, it is important to fully remember and understand that the tarot cards themselves will be very rarely able to provide you with a definitive answer. Instead, what they offer is insight and advice; they are more like guides than conclusive answers. Therefore, the power to affect events in your life largely still depends on what you choose to do.

Some card spreads can be good for pointing out both the positive and negative factors and facets in certain situations. Some can be particularly helpful in determining whether moving forward in your current situation is in your best interest or whether you should take a step back, revaluate, and change your course based on further deliberation.

How to make choices using a tarot spread? At the end of the day, you hold the control in affecting your life. The choices you make are yours to be responsible for, and the tarot cards are merely mirrors that allow you to reflect and examine your situation through.

Building Certainty and Confidence with a Tarot Spread

How to make choices using a tarot spread? If you are faced with a hard, life-changing decision, using tarot cards can be a good idea. It is especially helpful if you aren’t sure how to proceed and are in need of a guiding light. You have already gone through the logical route, weighing risks and benefits against each other but still finding yourself hesitating. Your mind could be already made that this one decision is the logical and reasonable choice; however, your heart is far from convinced and is instead wavering.

A tarot card spread can offer you some much-needed confidence in yourself and your decision. A reading could help clarify why you are still hesitating despite all the rational thoughts telling you to move forward. Sometimes, the reason lies elsewhere, blocking you from taking that next step and leaving you stuck and unmoving. With a tarot card spread, you can gain better understanding and insight regarding your situation, so that you may see more clearly and cast away lingering doubts. One way or another, a tarot card spread can potentially aid you in arriving at a certain outcome.

Simplifying the Process for a Straightforward Reading

How to make choices using a tarot spread? If you want to use a tarot card spread in your decision making process, it helps to keep it as simple as possible. A simple 5-card tarot spread involves only a small amount of cards which can help prevent having a too-complicated reading. Sometimes, involving too many cards can lead to a convoluted reading that leaves you even more confused. If the decision you are making is already difficult in the first place, then it is best to keep your tarot reading simple and uncomplicated. Some people even simplify the process even further by using just one card to decide between “yes” and “no.” 

The 5-Card Tarot Spread

How to make choices using a tarot spread? Each card represents a question that helps in reiterating the source of your choices and actions. Each question help in reminding yourself about the why behind them.

The First Card

The first card asks about your motivation. What excites you? What helps you move forward every day? How does this thing affect your decision?

The Second Card

The second card asks about your ideal outcome. If you were to make this particular decision, what would you like to happen next? If you were to imagine the aftermath of this decision, what do you see? What do you get out of it?

The Third Card

The third card asks about your values. What are your principles and values? Do they align with the decision you are making? Do they help shape the decision?

The Fourth Card

The fourth card deals with the first likely outcome of your decision. What can happen should you take this path?

The Fifth Card

How to make choices using a tarot spread? The fifth card deals with the second likely outcome of your decision. What can happen should you take this path?

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