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  • That Voodoo dolls are evil. Many Voodoo dolls are actually used for benevolent purposes.  Historically, they were used by African priests; and spiritual leaders to communicate with the spirits of their deceased ancestors for wisdom and guidance. It all depends on the intentions of the person using it.  But overall, the use of Voodoo dolls are not prominent or central to Voodoo religious beliefs.
  • That Voodoo is used to harm or cause injury and mischief. While there are certain darker facets of Voodoo practices, it all depends on the practitioner.  These days, many of the faithful use Voodoo more for healing, for seeking guidance and wisdom in their daily lives; and have openly disavowed the more nefarious uses of Voodoo spiritual practice.
  • That Voodoo is about black magic, curses, hexes, poisons, voodoo dolls and zombies. This view of Voodoo is essentially a Western creation – and feeds largely into the public’s interest into the strange; the frightening, the dark and the unnatural.  While there is a “dark side” to Voodoo, this is hardly central to their practices and beliefs; which are more about the celebration of life and our connection with the spirits and the divine; of healing, of communal relationships, and spiritual tranformation.
  •   Vodou, on the other hand, is a long legacy of philosophies, ancient wisdom, cosmology, language, medical therapies; rites of passage, codes of conduct, artistic conventions; and aesthetic norms that provide entire communities with a shared sense of identity.  There is nothing in Vodou that deserves punishment.

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