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What are the signs of Paganism? A visitor to a bookstore or gift shop that deals with Pagans will discover a wide assortment of symbolic precious jewelry: pentacles and pentagrams; Thor’s hammer and also the Minoan labrys, the Sheela-na-Gig as well as the crescent moon. What are the signs of Paganism? Also symbols borrowed from various other confidence customs, consisting of the Yin-Yang, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the Medication Wheel; attribute prominently in the globe of nature-centered; and magical spirituality. What are the signs of Paganism? What the observer may reason – and rightly so – is that no solitary picture or icon holds global prestige within this very diverse as well as decentralized spiritual path. Unlike the Christian cross, the Jewish Star of David, or the Sanskrit OM; nobody icon fully defines the multi-faceted world of Paganism.

Spiritual Wicca

What are the signs of Paganism? That stated, the pentagram is almost generally utilized by Wiccans; as well as other witches, as well as comes closest to being one of the most generally used icon within Paganism overall. Rooted in ancient Greek and Roman paganism; with connections to sirens such as Hygeia and also Venus; the pentagram has been connected with occultism, ceremonial magic, and also Christianity.

By the 20th century as well as the surge of spiritual Wicca; the pentagram had ended up being a more general symbol standing for the cosmos overall. One usual way of interpreting the pentagram assigns an element per point of the celebrity: the highest point stands for spirit; with various other factors standing for fire, air, planet, and water. Bordered by a circle that symbolizes infinity or the vast emptiness of the cosmos; the pentagram operates as an icon of the whole of nature.

As a result of its Greco-Roman origins and its usage today embedded in significance attracted from classic occultism – the four elements beneath spirit – not all Pagans; regard the pentacle as essential or perhaps helpful. Celtic Reconstructionists and also Odinists, as an example; do not usually incorporate importance from cultures outside the Celtic or Norse globe, and also consequently pertain to the pentacle as irrelevant to their spirituality as the Christian cross.

Expressions of Paganism

Within such ethnically certain expressions of Paganism, icons with strong cultural organizations generally take priority. Therefore, Pagan Druids frequently utilize the Awen, a symbol portraying three straight lines that deviate as they move downward; with a dot or point above each line. This sign was developed throughout the Druid renaissance of the 18th century and also has actually been translated in different methods. Experts of Norse religion commonly concern the Mjöllnir, or hammer of Thor, as typical of their unique social tradition. Similar icons include the Caduceus for adherents of Greek Paganism, the Ankh for Egyptian customs; and also the Medication Wheel for some Native American traditions. The labrys, or double-edged axe, has roots in Cretan and greek culture; however due to its association with Minoan priestesses it has become an icon of Dianic Wicca as well as witchcraft.

Hermetic Faith

Nature faiths likewise utilize importance borrowed from various other belief traditions. Wicca’s web links to ceremonial magic as well as occultism include; for at the very least some Wiccan lineages, a strong focus on Hermetic Qabalah (a non-specifically-Jewish permutation of the Kabbalah; that arised within the occult community between the 17th and also 15th centuries); this indicates that the Tree of Life is significant to their spiritual technique. Pagans that exercise prophecy use related icons including the glyphs of astrology and also the images from the Tarot.

On the other hand, the Daoist Yin-Yang icon and the Christian Celtic Cross; are used by some segments of the Pagan community as icons of the universes as a whole. Typically these pictures from various other religious beliefs are re-interpreted within a Pagan context; as an example, the Celtic Cross does not symbolize the fatality of Jesus for Pagans; but instead functions as a European variation on the medicine wheel: the circle signifying eternity and/or the siren; the cross symbolizing the four instructions and/or the god.

What are the signs of Paganism? Some Pagans use even more abstract meaning. Wiccans typically will make use of colors to symbolize the aspects and deity: yellow is connected with air, red with fire, blue with water; environment-friendly with planet, black with the goddess; and also white with the god. The 4 fits of the Tarot card deck have comparable associations: swords symbolizing air, sticks fire, cups water, and also pentacles earth. Such organizations might differ slightly from group to group; numerous teams prefer to connect wands with air as well as swords with fire, as an example.


Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous sign of all within Paganism is so widespread; and commonly held that it frequently goes unnoticed – the circle. The circle has a solid feminine association, connected to the womb or the vulva. Furthermore, the circle has strong associations with nature: the earth is round; the earth moves in a round orbit around the sunlight, the moon similarly progresses in a circular development around the planet.

Reincarnation suggests a circular motion of souls in between fatality and life. Although not all Pagan customs clearly utilize the circle in rituals in the same means that Wiccans perform with “circle spreading;” also culturally particular forms of Paganism typically conduct ceremonies in a circle – subtly enhancing the nearly universal Pagan being rejected of hierarchy.

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