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Where did Santeria came from? Santeria origin came around because slaves from Africa were being mocked by their masters who were Spanish in a seemingly too much means; and that is due to the fact that they wanted the servants to prayer Catholic saints as opposed to their indigenous religious beliefs. Where did Santeria came from? The slave’s masters don’t desire to see them praise their African gods; so they pretended they were exercising Christianity by praying to the saints; while still staying faithful to their animistic beliefs.

These servants were called Lukumis as well as their religious beliefs is called Lucumi; which is a word of Yoruba beginning made use of for a local that resided in the Niger River valley. In this article, you’ll learn where did Santeria came from?

Where did Santeria Came From: Animistic Religion

A process of synchronization started in Cuba and also it’s between the Catholics; and Yorubans that eventually produced a brand – new religious system called Regla de Osha or Santeria.

This synchronization spread in other parts of the world like Latin America, the United States and even in Europe. The essential pillars of Santeria consist of relying on animistic points. As an example, they have a cult for their dead forefathers; and also it’s called egun for they believe that natural beings or living things have a spirit.

It’s a monotheistic religion while maintaining a polytheistic practice. They only acknowledge one god; they believe that this set god is the developer of every little thing that exists.


Santeria has a pecking order of clergyman. Lfa and Osha are part of different branches. The highest possible priests of Santeria or Regla de Osha – Ifa are the babalowos, clergyman of Ifa.

Under these clergymen are the Santeros as well as Santeras called babaloshas and also iyaloshas respectively; and they have actually consecrated godchildren. The babalorishas (santeros) and also iyalorishas (santeras) have no godchildren. The iyawos remain in the first year of anointing, and also the aleyos are believers but haven’t been consecrated yet.

All Santeria origin has gone through rituals and various other particular rites of initiation complied with by the finding of the Orisha warriors in addition to the saint’s crowning that represents their guardian angel.

A Growing Religion

At the end of the 19th century, Santeria eventually have followers from the Spanish populace of the Caribbean particularly in the Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Today the ideas as well as customs of Santeria origin are being applied in New York as well as Miami; and it is as extensively exercised in the Caribbean islands.

The Havana River was believed to have a spirit of Oshun; and also they likewise think that the crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea proclaim the power of an additional spirit known as Yemaya. And if the white clouds are tranquil, they believe that peace was rained upon the children of Obatala.

They believe that it beckons Shango’s energy if there are lightning bolts in every electrical storm. They likewise rely upon the guidance of Papa Elegua as well as they think that the spirit of Orisha remains.

In Cuba, and you can see the followers’ dedication due to the fact that it can be discovered on different places and they also offer as musical performances. It’s also being carried out as rituals in houses, by rivers, as well as in the woodlands in Havana.

Orisha Drums

Drums are thought to be the music of the African gods. Prior to any Santeria practice, the worshippers dance to the beat of the sacred drums; and also while worshippers do this, they take their message to the Orishas. The drums are being played with delight whenever the Orishas give a request. This is also an indication of their appreciation.

The drums are likewise being played whenever there are funerals and it’s being provided to the spirits of the dead. Occasionally it’s likewise used by some individuals that are seriously ill. No matter of the celebrations, the drums is recognized before and also after being played.

The followers were made to Osain which was the Orisha that owns the drums. It was believed to appear much better if the drums are pleased and also well – fed.

The Santo

Santeria enthusiasts engage with each other every day. Those that are newbies generally do not have the background expertise that would certainly enable them to identify a worshipper. Various other enthusiasts who are seeking further interaction with their Orisha typically elect themselves as a santo or a saint with an initiation procedure.

They’re normally the simplest to notice considering that they use all – white apparel to determine their spiritual devotion to the belief. Since numerous newbies correspond to these religious beliefs with practices of Witchcraft, a lot of people are afraid of religious beliefs such as Vodun including Santeria.

We have to make it clear that Santeria is not Witchcraft. It’s certainly not regarding the research of spells neither is it about utilizing spells to hurt any individual else.

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