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Who are the gods of Santeria? Santeria is a religious system that initially came from West Africa particularly in the Yoruba land. Many centuries ago, when African local was offered as a servant, the santeria significance idea system ultimately reached various other countries like Cuba and also the state of New Orleans. It endured numerous centuries even if foreigners tried to completely eradicate these religious beliefs. Who are the gods of Santeria? They saw similarities between their Yoruban divine beings and Catholicism especially the saints, Santeria ended up being preferred amongst African slaves. Throughout these times, servants were compelled to exercise the Catholic confidence yet they don’t wish to desert their native religion which is why the name Santeria was additionally a means of camouflaging their methods behind a Catholic appearance. In this article, you will learn who are the gods of Santeria?

Who are the Gods of Santeria: Orishas

There are contemporary specialists that call themselves Lucimi. These individuals have a faith that initially came from Cuban origins, as well as they’re most probably exercising Santeria religion. They likewise call it the Law of the Orisha. Today the faith is practiced in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and additionally in the United States specifically in the state of New Orleans. It has ended up being widespread yet a great deal of people still misconstrued it.

Principles of Santeria


Santeria followers, much like several religions, think that there’s just one God. They call it as Olodumare. Santeria is not a Pagan or polytheistic kind of faith, and also it’s additionally not an animistic one. Nevertheless, the reason that there’s so much complication is probably since the Santeria believers describe the Orishas as gods. What you need to know is that Orishas are not gods but just an aspect of Olodumare that are manifested in the all – natural world. For Santeria followers, each person born on this earth is thought about as a kid of an Orisha. There are hundreds of Orisha as well as there are also some that are a lot more preferred than others just like saints in the Catholic religion.

A couple of known divine beings additionally consist of Oshun, deity of pleasant waters. She is likewise known as the customer that makes life worth living; the god of arts, sweetness, love, and also music. Oya is the god that is believed to secure the entrances of the cemetery, and also is likewise understood as the queen of market place.

Misa Blanca

There’s an excellent focus on venerating ancestors in a lot of African religious beliefs. It is vital to know as well as point out by name the participants of your own family that have passed to the world of the ancestors in addition to participants of your religious forefathers. Apart from various religious techniques that have African roots, Santeria embraced a European practice of “espiritismo” as well as “Misa Blanca.” Within this context, you can see that there’s no such thing as pecking order, as well as everybody is likewise encouraged to develop his/her very own capabilities as a medium. Prayers are generally brought out and also songs are sung to ensure that they can call a spirit and also interact with them to perhaps request advice.

Allen Kardec

The founder of this method is Allen Kardec. He is a teacher from France who was birthed in 1804. Kardec believed that humans are spirit within a product body, as well as he was one of the very first people that thought that our true selves are more spiritual than product. He additionally think that each of us have our very own guardian angel that’s meant to take care of us as well as secure each person from threat. In turn, worshippers have to boost and praise them to ensure that these angels can care for us.

The Ile

Santeria began as a community– based faith with qualified clergymans that performed ceremonies. These clergymans usually come from a community of parishioners that have a lengthy historical family tree. Several of these clergymans practice together in a religious house described as “lle” and they train for various roles. In Santeria, initiation doesn’t make one a priest. One of the most skilled clergyman in Santeria carried out lots of years of study as well as training. Similar to clergymans in various other religions, there are excellent ones, not so great ones and negative ones.

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