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Who is Maman Brigitte? Within modern witchcraft and also Paganism there’s constantly some conversation or other concerning social appropriation, whether to mix pantheons, which can praise what and more and also so forth. Who is Maman Brigitte? Occasionally we obtain as well captured up in these problems, we allowed them determine what we practice, think as well as really feel; all the while never realizing, or probably failing to remember that the Gods as well as makeover work together. Who is Maman Brigitte? Within many pantheons, the Gods represent natural and also super ordinary pressures. And also in some cases, those Gods change as well as offer themselves to those in need, despite the departments among us.

Brighid and Maman Brigitte

Who is Maman Brigitte? Brighid is, as already stated; is a Celtic Siren. She was worshipped all over Britain in many kinds. For example where I live in the middle of England, she was the powerful warrior siren Brigantia. In Irish folklore, Brighid belongs to the Tuatha De Danaan, the mythological fairy race. Birthed at sunrise, Brighid is a solar goddess along with being connected with poetry, medicine, arts, crafts and spiritual wells; and also is connected with fertility, with springtime as well as the returning of heat and also light to the world.

Baron Samedi

Maman Brigitte rules the burial ground with her partner, Baron Samedi. The earliest female grave in any kind of burial ground is hers, and if you want to honour her, then leave a tipple of spicy rum on stated tomb in your local burial ground! The cemetery as well as death, Maman is connected to fertility, for death; and also rebirth is very closely tied. These two numbers, on the surface at least appear globes in addition to one another. How could they potentially be connected? Just how did the Celtic Goddess of light become the Vodou loa of fatality? Makeover is typically seen as something excellent, as well as indeed it can be; however transformation is likewise about pain and about suffering.

When Worlds Collide

The servant profession is a stain on humankind’s background, of that there is no uncertainty. The slavery of others as well as Africans, their inhumane and brutal therapy is well documented today. Indentured bondage was additionally a point. Some will certainly tell you that it was a contract between a private and an additional. The other would certainly pay for the people take a trip to the ‘brand-new world’ as well as in return, the individual would certainly function for them, normally for duration of seven years. Does not seem too poor? Of training course; the truth of indentured yoke is very different; specifically when you consider it was typically passed as judicial sentencing for criminal activities. As such, many inadequate Scottish, Irish as well as some English ladies located themselves in indentured thrall. It was enslavement however by an additional name.


Who is Maman Brigitte? These females brought with them their protectress as well as siren, Brighid. Sometimes in the type of a poppet or doll (where do you think voodoo dolls originate from?). They would lug a representation of her with them for comfort and defense. And, they shared their precious Brighid with their African counterparts, who took her to their hearts as well as made her their very own.


Who is Maman Brigitte? Therefore, fellow seekers as well as witches, we see how Brighid became Maman Brigitte. Currently, do not obtain it perplexed; these are 2 separate divine beings, though absolutely related. The factor is, if the Gods can transform, after that so also can we. In your own mission, in your very own journey. Do not allow others inform you what you can as well as cannot think or follow. The world is complete of enigmas and also we need to all be complimentary to discover them.

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