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Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? Apart to the well known Santo Niño de Cebu, there is an additional commitment that thrived in the island that pilgrims go to with the centuries succor in times of great need – the felicitous Nuestra Señora De la Regla. Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? The remarkable picture is treasured extensively by the Cebuanos who believe that the prosperity they appreciate is a blessing accomplished through the stamina of her mother’s intercession. The picture of the Virgin is patterned to the original situated in Chipiona, Spain. Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? The Our Lady of the Rule picture carved from the trunk of dark Philippine hardwood was set up at her very own altar of Our Woman of the Guideline Church in Lapu-Lapu City.

Brown Madonna

Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? The Brown Madonna holds the Baby Jesus in a type of offering as well as revealing – as if she exists the Youngster Jesus to individuals and also telling them to worship his Kid – God ended up being Guy. The Virgin is highly vested which are provided by the fans as an indicator of appreciation to the addressed petitions via her intercession.

The Spanish Origin of the Virgin

He has actually sculpted an image of Our Girl by utilizing his very own hands which was one of the relics that has actually made it through the destruction of the city of Hippo. In Spain, the image has actually done miracles and also endured the destruction as well as pillage of the Moors, due to the fact that of this, the dedication to Our Girl quickly spread out.

Virgen de la Regla

Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? In 1330, the Virgin appeared to an Augustinian monk and advised him to visit the city of Cadiz and try to find a cavern where the image had actually been concealed away. He was advised to collect and discovered a surprise below ground altar. There, the sculpture of Our Lady of the Guideline has been permanently preserved. For several centuries, the Virgen de la Regla was treasured under a number of names: Virgen Libica, Virgen del Sagrario, Estrella de los Mares and also La Virgen Morena, or Morenita.

Nuestra Señora de la Regla in Chipiona

The individuals first saw a photo of the Virgen de la Regla in 1735, when the initial church clergyman, Francisco Avalle, an Augustinian monk, revealed it to them. Father Avalle was a supporter, having actually lived for 10 years in the Abbey of, Andalucia, Spain. Upon listening to the story of the Virgn of Chipiona, individuals of Opon picked Our Lady of the Policy to be their patroness. They had a broad view made as well as placed it on the altar. Wonders started to occur as well as the commitment thrived.

Miracle #1:

Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? Cruz Lauron, an Opon local, experienced from a condition which created him to shed a big quantity of blood. Avalle put the image in the church in 1735, He advised to lit two candles before the photo, when the candle lights were lighted, he was quickly recovered. In 1736, the community of Opon was saved from the strikes of the locusts which swept throughout Cebu.

Miracle #2:

In 1912, a female was brought to the Opon church where she crept up the altar to kiss the sculpture of Our Girl, after she has actually done this; she stood without support as well as went out the door, to everyone’s astonishment.

Miracle #3:

In 1920, A woman had an intense abdominal condition. She made an assurance to give big quantity of taxes should her youngster obtain solution via Mary’s intervention. Her desire was provided and also the pair of contributed articles has actually ended up being component of Our Woman’s conventional decors.

Miracle #4:

Another story runs that a cova used to run from one end of the town plaza to the church cellar. The cova is not existing anymore. Pilgrims made use of to crawl with the puzzle as a type of repentance, and also show up on the other end with sensations of spiritual alleviation and also the approving of favors asked. One such situation was a Cebuana matron who has no youngster and also was paralytic for 15 years, after her Opon expedition, she had the ability to walk, and a year after, offered birth to a kid with a skin as dark as De Regla’s.


Who is Nuestra Senora de la Regla? The famous present to the Virgin is a lot more valuable than any type of jewel – the receptacle of a fabric antique that is believed to have actually come from the Blessed Virgin Mary. This relic was a present to the church from Fr. Ambrosio Agius, Apostolic delegate to the Philippines in 1909. The relic ended up being an item of veneration of explorers that come to Cebu as well as the people kissed it reverently whenever they go to the Virgin.

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