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Who is San Cristobal? The Saints of Cuzco left their parish residences the other day to become part of the Plaza in a grand procession with their bands, priests, fans, as well as holders. Who is San Cristobal? Today they will certainly leave the Sanctuary in procession with the Custodia is a huge silver vessel that brings the Holy Host in processions. In this article, you’ll learn who is San Cristobal?

Señor, Lord of Qoqanpata

It is a grand day in Cuzco as well as among the holiest of days in the city. As part of this people speak of the saints, their distinctions, problems, jealousies, as well as particularities. By Saqsayhuaman stands the temple of San Cristóbal (Christopher) which was constructed in the first years after the Spanish conquest by the Cacique Cristóbal Paullo, one of the Inca Elite. He was Señor, Lord of Qoqanpata and also developed this temple to show his commitment to Christianity.

Story of St. Cristobal

Who is San Cristobal? St. Cristóbal is stood for in the moment of passing the Child God from one side to the other, while holding on to a tree with his right hand as well as maintaining the child in his other arm. The youngster is stood for in the minute of trying to claim something to Cristóbal.

Early Life

He was birthed in Totatiche, Jalisco, Mexico on July 30, 1869. He was boy of Rafael Magallanes Romero as well as Clara Jara Sanchez, that were farmers. He functioned as a shepherd in his youth and also registered in the Conciliar Seminary of San José in Guadalajara at the age of 19.


He was ordained at the age of 30 at the Santa Teresa Temple in Guadalajara in 1899 and also worked as chaplain of the Institution of Arts as well as Works of the Holy Spirit in Guadalajara. He was then designated as the parish priest for his residence town of Totatiche, where he assisted discovered schools and also woodworking shops and helped in preparing for hydrological works, including the dam of La Candelaria. He took unique interest in the evangelization of the neighborhood aboriginal Huichol people as well as contributed in the foundation of the mission in the aboriginal town of Azqueltán. When government mandates closed the seminary in Guadalajara in 1914, Magallanes used to open a seminary in his parish. In July 1915, he opened up the Auxiliary Academy of Totatiche, which achieved a pupil body of 17 trainees by the list below year as well as was identified by the Archbishop of Guadalajara, José Francisco Orozco y Jiménez, who designated a principle and 2 teachers to the seminary.

Jesus and St. Cristobal

In truth several of the tale of St Cristóbal has the youngster Jesus go across a river from one side to the other on his shoulders. In the middle he ends up being conscious Jesus is very hefty which is why he clinches the tree with his other hand. Because he carried all the sins of the world, they claim the child weighed as well much as well as the kid Jesus said that was.

Heaviest Saint

Who is San Cristobal? That is why they claim the saint is the heaviest of all. The men that bring him take turns in order to bring him effectively in procession, given his weight. With each other with St. Anthony, St. Cristóbal leaves his Church in procession in addition to a wonderful wide variety of people, bands of artists, professional dancers, and also extra.

Two Saints

The two saint start their journey considering each various other’s faces and also to the sound of a melody they greet each other. They leave St. Cristóbal’s temple and also arrive at the front of the Salesian Institution, where they receive a friendly welcoming on the part of the Salesian household along with flowers and also an amen before proceeding their course. They show up at the end of Saphi Road where they rest, alleviating the bearers. The dancers additionally remainder. After some 5 or ten minutes they once more begin their way to the Plaza de Armas of the City of Cuzco.


Something that calls interest is the table on which they put the Saint to rest. Much like the saint, this table additionally is very heavy and is carried by boys who go before the saint waiting on orders in order to be able to quit when it is time to establish the saint on the table. From the moment individuals are youngsters they follow these traditions closely and they learn the information regarding the entire feast that is lived this month. Within the event there are also traditional dishes that are served to every person that accompanies the Saint.


Who is San Cristobal? Magallanes wrote and also preached against armed disobedience, yet was incorrectly implicated of advertising the Cristero Disobedience in the area. Jailed on Might 21, 1927, while en course to commemorate Mass at a farm, he distributed his couple of continuing to be properties to his executioners, gave them absolution, as well as without a trial, he was eliminated 4 days later with Saint Agustín Caloca in Colotlán, Jalisco. His last words to his executioners were “I pass away innocent, and also ask God that my blood may serve to join my Mexican brethren.” He was succeeded as parish priest of Totatiche by Fr. José Pilar Quezada Valdés, that took place to come to be the first diocesan of the Archdiocese of Acapulco.

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