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Who is San Lazaro? After more than half a century of financial stoppage and also political brinksmanship, the statement one year ago of the renewal of diplomatic relationships in between Cuba and the United States came as a shock. Washington, D.C., had actually been awash in reports that a change was in the homicide, but almost nobody rated the size of this exceptional growth in global geopolitics. Who is San Lazaro? For lots of, especially Cuban expatriations around the world, it was one of those memorable historical moments, like the very first guy on the Moon or the fall of the Berlin Wall surface. Some called it a wonder, as it happened on an auspicious day for Cubans. In this article, you’ll learn who is San Lazaro?

Babalú-Ayé Procession

Who is San Lazaro? After greater than 50 years of economic stoppage as well as political brinksmanship, the statement one year ago of the revival of polite relations between Cuba and also the United States came as a surprise. Washington, D.C., had been awash in rumors that a modification was in the offing, but virtually no person rated the size of this exceptional growth in international geopolitics. For many, specifically Cuban exiles around the globe, it was just one of those extraordinary historic minutes, like the initial guy on the Moon or the autumn of the Berlin Wall. Some called it a wonder, as it happened on an auspicious day for Cubans.

Feast Day of San Lazaro

” Isn’t it remarkable that this took place on December 17,” exclaimed Cuban-American anthropologist Ruth Behar in a piece she created for the Washington Message. “It’s a day of terrific relevance to Cubans, when thousands of them make a yearly expedition to the shrine of Rincón to note the feast day of San Lázaro.”

Afro – Cuban Practice

Who is San Lazaro? Most of my Cuban pals and colleagues informed me that this special occasion “had” to occur on this particular day. Given that 1992, I have actually been checking out Cuba as an ethnographer as well as researcher of a special Afro-Cuban practice that honors both the Catholic St. Lazarus as well as the African-inspired Babalú-Ayé. This is the exact same Babalú that performer Desi Arnaz sang to in “I Love Lucy.”


In Cuban Catholicism, Lazarus, the customer saint of the unwell and also inadequate, is stood for as a homeless beggar bordered by pet dogs. Some say he was a fourth-century diocesan, but most Cubans visualize him as the Biblical Lazarus the poor guy that can’t enter the kingdom of heaven, that Jesus raises from the dead. Cuba’s Lazarus works wonders for the destitute and the infirm, making him one of the country’s most preferred saints.


Who is San Lazaro? In the African-inspired religious custom referred to as Santería or Oricha, Babalú-Ayé is both feared and cherished. Idea to be in charge of bringing epidemics like smallpox, leprosy as well as AIDS, Babalú-Ayé additionally treatments these illness. Oricha senior citizens tell of his expatriation from his homeland with the Lucumí since he spread smallpox amongst them, and also they inform of his trip to the Arará, who were healed by him and also ultimately made, him their king.

The elders instruct that he is an irascible old male therefore strange that his omnipotence is almost impossible to comprehend. They likewise show that everybody must constantly wish health and wellness, and also Babalú is among the guarantors of this most crucial true blessing.

Cuban Revolution

Who is San Lazaro? Cubans recognize destitution and illness. Prior to the American profession of Cuba in 1902, scarlet fever epidemics erupted practically annually, and also thousands died. Before the Cuban Revolution, lots of agricultural laborers lived with yearly cycles of destitution as well as hunger as they waited on the sugar harvest to supply work. Extra lately, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 led to an economic contraction of some half and once again many Cubans went starving.

Because of a guarantee they are keeping their word to the spirit after he granted their requests, lots of people carry out these acts of dedication. Still others do these things as austere acts of prayer gestures developed to solicit the saint’s attention.


Who is San Lazaro? Some people gown in sackcloth and carry crutches. When he was roaming the barren places of the Planet, they walk jorobado hunchbacked simply like Babalú-Ayé did. At his darkest minute, Babalú-Ayé was completely maimed and also might not even stroll. Urgent was his trip that he maintained relocating ahead, dragging himself along the roadway towards his location, or as the religious senior citizens would certainly say, his fate.

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