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Ever heard of Wiccan book of shadows? Well for those who practice the faith it is a household name. It is one of the most valued and useful items believed to hold thoughts, spells, and spiritual paths that one chooses. However, due to its privy nature it is hard for beginners to really understand clearly what it entails. If you are interested in understanding what this book is all about then you are at the right place.

About the book

Simply put, this is a journal or spells, poetry, ritual, observations, thoughts, or any other thing relating to a group of people, which have been collected in a book. It is a representation of a transition whose subjects must follow and be truthful and respectful towards it. The book may be one huge book or may consist of several volumes.

Is there a Main Wiccan Book of Shadows

The answer to this is a definite NO. There is no one single main Book of Shadows that can be compared to, say for instance, the Bible or the Quran. However, many believe the Gardnerian Book of shadows is the main book of shadows. Some even have used this as a roadmap when making their own book of shadows. There are some popular works such as the Alexandrian Book of Shadows that most witches of this tradition follow.

How to Get or develop one

Different people may be interested in keeping the book of shadows for various reasons. Some may want to perform spells and others may only want it to fulfill their curiosity. Irrespective of the reason of possessing one, here are some guidelines that may help you;

  • You can go for the pre-made book of shadows if you desire something that has the ideal mood and touch. You can purchase them online or in various local stores. They come in diverse designs with some designed with Wiccan symbols on front page. Inside the book are blank pages for you to begin.
  • You can still use a notepad or ring binder and design your own cover page. You can add things you love on the cover page. Since this is your special place you can add whatever you desire and whatever makes you feel connected to it. To get the best outlook it is advisable you do a little improvement for some parts of the cover each day until you get what you truly want.
  • You may honour a particular supernatural being somewhere as part of your faith and this book of shadows is the ideal place to come up with your rituals and keep them. It is where you come up with your messages and private thoughts that you may wish to send to this chosen deity. To properly organize and align thoughts and messages most of the followers use pictures, poems and drawings.

In a nut-shell, your Wiccan book of shadows is not supposed follow any particular design or structure. It can and should take whatever shape or design you want it to be. Make it your work of art and design it in all possible ways and you will soon be lost in it.

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