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Do you want to be a demonologist but don’t know where and how to start? This is the article for you and will guide you with tips on how to become a demonologist! Demonology is the study of demons and demonic belief. If you are one of those (few) people who are born with this kind of supernatural ability; well I guess, you’re truly a “chosen one.” But if for some reason; you just became interested or have a passion about learning demons and their ‘evil’ ways; or maybe you wanted to become legit so you can help people; then you have a lot of work to do! Becoming a demonology is obviously very unconventional, and it’s not an easy road either; so before you fully commit yourself in this profession, here’s some tips on how to become one:

Tip#1: Be Wholly and Purely Ready!

Demonology is an exceedingly life-threatening topic. A lot of people want to discuss; and listen to things which are linked to it yet there are others who are too terrified to deal with this topic. If you are weak, in mind and in heart, then becoming a professional demonologist is not for you. You need to ask yourself if you are thoroughly ready in facing complex and ‘spiritually dangerous’ situations. You should also acquire a superior level of intuition, myriad déjà vu encounters; and undeniable courage in mind, body, and spirit.

Tip #2: Be Properly Educated

Numerous subjects must be studied when it comes to this field. Demonology isn’t an easy topic which you can learn by only reading a few books or watching YouTube videos. It should be taken seriously; and with extreme precaution because what you will encounter later on your journey are deadly entities. To become a real demonologist, you must dig in and study about history first. Getting into a school where Parapsychology is in focus is helpful as such school allows students to come across facts; theories, debates, figures; and controversies which are conducive with the taken course. Plus, you get to meet people who are like you!

Tip#3: Be Passionate

Yes! You read that right, like most things in life, passion is needed in any endeavor. It may be given that you already have a natural talent for handling demons; but what’s going to bring you ten steps further is if you truly love what you’re doing! I’m not saying you force yourself to love demons or whatnot; but you must have the passion to help people who need your talent and skill. Don’t love the demons; love the art of casting them away!

Tip #4: Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you are steering for development and truly wants to become a demonologist, then you must consistently train yourself. Even if you have already acquired that demonologist degree, or you think you’re already born with that supernatural gift; you must still practice on how to become a demonologist, and hone your abilities. Remember you are not fighting with a human being, you’re battling with demons! Your mind must stay sharp, and your spirit must be indomitable if you want to conquer these spiritual beings. The more you train your mind and heart, the stronger you will be, and the more people you can help.

Tip #5: Never Stop Learning

Even after you’ve acquired the needed skills, or has gained some experience in the field; you should constantly improve yourself through continuous learning. A good practice is to excavate files or even interview people who were previously possessed; get to know them and their story, so that you will know what you’re dealing with inside out. Gaining more knowledge means more power! It is vital to study all the types of inexplicable phenomenon; not just those happening around you, but also from other parts of the world. Reading things from paranormal activity books to watching replays of the X-Files can help you a lot.

Before delving deeper on how to become a demonologist, you should first prepare yourself holistically because this kind of profession is not just about saving people’s live (spiritually or mentally); it’s also about saving yours.

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