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What does a new moon in Cancer mean? Cancers are some of the most deeply emotional people around. Those who are under this sign are empathy that are highly sensitive and possessing of deeply intuitive personalities. This deeply emotional nature comes from the element of Water that governs the sign. Therefore, those born under Cancer become ideal nurtures and healers who are deeply passionate about their calling. What does a new moon in Cancer mean? Cancers are arguably the most emotional out of all the members of the Zodiac, standing as a figure that could give more love than any single person could receive. Cancers, sometimes, can be too caring to the point of being able to feel the pain others feel. Though this sensitivity and passion can be a thing of beauty, those born under Cancer should be mindful to not take their own feelings and needs for granted. What does a new moon in Cancer mean? Sometimes, their extreme emotions leave no room for rational thought and can lead to thoughts and actions that are not easily controlled nor understood.

The New Moon in Cancer: What Does It Mean?

What does a new moon in Cancer mean? When the New Moon occurs in Cancer, their deeply emotional nature takes a turn for the worse. Passion turns to moodiness, empathy becomes dependence, attachment turns to insecurity, sociability transforms into brooding and pondering on the meaning of life or lack thereof, and optimism becomes pessimism that turns everything into gloom and darkness. These negative traits affect not just those born under the sign but also those who are susceptible to its influence, making for a truly interesting though uniquely horrifying experience.

Understanding the Roots of Your Emotional Changes during the Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon moves us into embracing our inner Cancers, that is, into becoming more compassionate. For some, it means becoming more vulnerable and more prone to feeling the pain of others, which could be an unpleasant but liberating experience. Sometimes, showing vulnerability allows us to tap into our inner strength.

What does a new moon in Cancer mean? For those born under Cancer, this New Moon could make their clingy dependent side more pronounced and obvious. If not controlled, a more freedom-loving partner (someone born under the sign of Sagittarius, for instance) would be running for the hills, never to look back, when faced with this.

Additionally, the Cancer New Moon can also lead to extreme moodiness. You may feel the urge to cry one moment and then hysterically laugh the next, without completely understanding the reason why or not comprehending it at all. You may feel far from shore, caught in a storm, with nothing to hold you steady as the sea threatens to upturn your ship. This could sadden you as you feel as if you are being torn away from those you love and make you feel safe.

What does a new moon in Cancer mean? Of course, this feeling may not be a reflection of our reality. Indeed, this may only be a product of our inner emotional response to the Cancer New Moon. Our feelings may not be in sync with what is actually happening, and we have to remind ourselves of that.

Cancers can’t leave anyone in need be; as natural caregivers, they tend to exhaust themselves trying to help and save anyone and everyone. This sign is overflowing with love and warmth, and their calm energy helps in soothing hurts and aches. While channeling our inner Cancers, we should avoid thinking negative thoughts and wallowing in self-pity.

Instead of waiting for someone else to coddle us, we should deal that care outside and direct emotional generosity to other people, as well as genuinely try to help those who are truly in need. By helping with other people’s burdens, we might find ours lessened and our hearts lighter. Sometimes, there is no better way to uplift our own spirits than by elevating others. There is no better way to bring forth our own sunshine than chasing away other’s rainclouds.

What Does a New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread Include?

What does a new moon in Cancer mean? First, we have to go through our decks to find the Chariot card, which is the corresponding card in the tarot to the sign of Cancer. This card would be used as a significator of sorts so that we could be able to focus our thoughts on this Cancer New Moon.

First Card

The first card will deal with your emotional state. What are the predominant emotions surrounding you during this cycle? Where have you been too moody? Have you let your emotions take control of you? If so, how?

Second Card

The second card will deal with your sense of security. What makes you feel secure? What makes you insecure? Where do those feelings of insecurity come from? What is at their core? Why are you having those feelings? How can you feel more safe and secure in your own skin?

Third Card

The third card will deal with your vulnerability. What vulnerabilities must you face and acknowledge? Which ones would you have to stop pushing away and must start to accept? How can your vulnerabilities aid in your growth as a person?

Fourth Card

What does a new moon in Cancer mean? The fourth card deal with your sensitivity. What in your life needs more of your care and attention? Why is your sensitivity flaring up this cycle? Where do they stem from? What areas are you particularly sensitive about? How can you transform these sensitivities into something positive, such as a safe space for others?

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