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The Moon is what drives the instinctive habits in us to go off like clockwork and it is the moon which creates the reactions we unconsciously make. Finding your place under the Sun and getting to know more about your sign under the Moon gives more revelatory information about our inner self and workings. Things deep down inside us that even we may not be aware of or realize! Whereas the Sun is logical in its movements so is the Moon reactively illogical to the actions of the Sun.

Ever wonder how you respond to challenges the way you do in hindsight? Wonder how you can curb unsavory reactions to situations and events around you that you may not find favorable? Look to the Moon which is associated with feminine qualities of nurturing, responsiveness and of internal reflection. It is both your inner maternal instinct and your inner child all rolled into one. How the Moon orbits around the Sun is a reflection of the protective nature it possesses. A protective nature we dig deep into when we are looking for solace, comfort, safety and security.

It is what gives us spirit and gives spring to our steps as it rules the ins and outs of active energies that flow and come from within ourselves. The Moon acts as the go-between and mediates the inner and outer worlds of the signs.  It rules the tropic of Cancer working in the capacity of our inner private desires and our unconscious thoughts and inner self-dialogs. The aim of astrology is also to help a person reveal their higher self and overcome inherent traits which may be derailing them.

Zodiac Signs Relative to the Moon

Some signs are driven more by the Moon than the Sun. Particularly so for signs falling under a water sign like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio or a united angle near the corner of 4th or 10th House. Find the balance in your Moon sign to obtain true joy in your heart.

Since the Moon moves and appears to us on Earth differently every 2-3 days, it is important for you to determine yours. Your Moon sign is about the deepest part of yourself. It is the architect of your inner self. Your emotions, your desires, your needs, your wants, your imaginings, your thoughts, your wishes, it is what gives vibrancy to underlying feelings and emotions you experience. It is where strength is drawn from to attain a certain sense of emotional security.

Discovering your Moon sign is also interesting to know because it could be influencing traits in you which are otherwise not necessarily present in your House or Zodiac sign. Ever wonder why a natal reading trait just does not seem to fit what you know about yourself? Well, don’t forget the Moon factor that strongly influences the lives we live internally. An intense Aries combined with the mellow Moon of a Taurean could ease your innate aggressive nature. Now isn’t that a far cry from just reading your natal birth chart without paying a bit of mind to your Moon! Shall we delve in deeper and discover your Moon under your sign? Discover the traits within you.

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