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What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Astrology is a subject that requires time and intensive study of the stars and the planets in correlation to the events specific to individual lives and times. Should anyone profess to be a true astrologist and give you step by step directions on what to do about a problem is not at all what any self-respecting astrologer would do. What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Astrology is not a tool or method to make predictions about the future. Nor is it a portal to look at a person’s past. Instead what astrology does is reveal the placements of all these celestial bodies at any certain point and time in a person’s life.

The Study of the Zodiac

What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Astrology is a mathematical study of the placement and alignment of the planets, and how the pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth along with its pull of the stars and planets affects and affects one’s birth date and time. It is a discipline and one that requires technical solving skills as well as rapt attention to detail. It is a methodology that had not only been present in the recent past, it is not an outdated fad, nor is it just a passing fancy.

What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Before we take an in – depth look at the twelve signs of the zodiac and how it is manifested in people, let’s take a quick look at the zodiac sign traits below and see if you can identify with it:


March 21st – April 19th

The first sign which fall under the zodiac of Aries are best suited to become surgeons, law officers, entrepreneurs and athletes. The favored day of Aries is Tuesday and the color of this sign is red. The birthstone of Aries is the heliotrope. They are energetic in a very efficient and straightforward manner. They have a tendency to be headstrong and go for their goals with great gusto which can in turn cause them harm.


April 20th-May 20th

The signs and the Ascendant which fall under the second zodiac of Taurus are singers, artists; they are excellent in the kitchen. They are good bankers and estate realtors. Taurus are patient, loyal, steady and consistent. Taurus are tough and persevering. They are strong and focus as they are stable and concrete. Taurus enjoys life and tranquility.

As much as sensuality is on top of the Taurus’ life they are also naturally preserved and like living a simple life. Not being competitive in spirit makes the Taurean a happy individual with a calm demeanor. Taurus have practice common sense which leads them to feel fulfilled and are not questers to vie for first place. They exert sustainable energy and making things is important to this sign. Taurus are gentle, and process ideas and thoughts carefully and mindfully. They are not one for change and do not adapt quickly to it.


May 21st – June 20th


June 21st – July 22nd

The fourth zodiac of Cancer is said to be oriented and driven to nostalgia for things bygone. They deeply rooted and instinctively protect themselves from the world around them with an inner life enviably rich with a clear and vivid imagination making sure to avoid risks pursuant toward security. Cancer are only comfortable in letting down their guard around people they know they can trust. They find solace and comfort in reminiscing about past events. Cancer are sentimental and emotional. They are the sensitive and imaginative sort who are protective of their family especially mother and and children. Cancer are poetic, tender and nurturing individuals. On the other hand they also tend to be greedy as they are generous. They can be moody and stubborn as they can be lazy. They can also be inaccessible and lazy.


July 23rd – August 22nd

The fifth zodiac is Leo and individuals falling under this zodiac are powerful forces of self-confidence. Leo is psychologically inclined by nature who is a good leader with stability and nobility when in command. Leo commands the respect of people who surround them. The charisma they possess puts them under the limelight because of their ability to put things in order and command respect. Leo is creative, a fighter who likes to win, they are fiery and happy people. They are seductive and daring, responsible and honest.


August 22nd -September 22nd

What are the 12signs of Zodiac? The sixth zodiac is Virgo with traits attributed to a psychological nature who likes to proceed with caution. The Virgo individual likes to mull things over and turn it around in their head looking at a situation from all aspects and perspectives as they imagine reactions and results. Virgo are problem solvers who are perfectionists and who will not stop until they have the best and closest to optimally resolve situational problems. They are not exactly spontaneous individuals therefore they can sometimes miss out on enjoying life to its fullest.


September 23rd – October 22nd

The seventh zodiac is Libra and is ruled over by both Venus whose qualities display as attractiveness, extraversion, balance, and harmony or by Saturn whose nature is restrained, introverted, and meditative. Libra’s nature depends on who governs the strongest. When Saturn is at work on the chart of a person falling under the sign of Libra, the Libran is fragile, outgoing, ever compromising and delicate.


October 23rd – November 21st

The eighth zodiac is Scorpio known for their rebellion and aggressive attitude. Ruled by Mars and governing the rectum and the genital and the sexual regions. They are both magnetic and charismatic. Scorpios are strong-willed and domineering as they are powerful and secretive. Those under this sign are passionate and independent. Known for their creativity and cunning they are also ambitious and competitive. They are proud, untamable and sexual. Scorpio are stubbornly aggressive in nature and can be prone to destruction. They can get violent and destructive. This zodiac is complex in their love for themselves as they are jealous.


November 21st- December 22nd

What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac and is a masculine sign whose naturally independent and outgoing. The Sagittarian in geared toward being energetically active possessing the soul of a leader who is likeable. They are the tidy ones who are amusing yet straightforward. They are charming and adventurous as well as exuberant and making them great people to put in positions of leadership. The mind of a Sagittarius is always aimed higher and farther and is known to love liberty exuberantly.


December 21st- January 19th

The tenth zodiac is that of Capricorn who nature is utter control and introverted. They are seen as austere when in fact they are positioning and steeling themselves in the environment they face. Capricorn are steadfast and reliable and are suited to be put in long-term service. Those under this sign are realistic individuals who are resolute and moralists. On the other hand they can be also curt, petty, selfish, skeptical and dull.


January 20th – February 18th

What are the 12 signs of Zodiac? Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac whose traits include altruism, independence and detachment. They are surprising individuals who possess creative skills and are tolerant, generous beings they fancy themselves to be originals but are modest and reserved. Aquarius value friendships and see themselves as links to friendly relations making good community members and leaders as they lead and pave and set examples of charitable deeds and neighborly generosity. They can also be cold and different from the “norm”. Aquarius may display resignation to situations uncontrolled by them and show to have difficulty in being adjusted to changes.


February 19th – March 20th

The twelfth and final zodiac, Pisces rules over endings. By nature they are easily adaptable, imaginative individuals who are flexible. They are emotionally sensitive and compassionate as they are romantic and nice. They grab opportunities they see with fervor and are intuitive individuals who are charming introverts. On the other hand they can come off as moody, dreamers whose thoughts are everywhere all at once. It is difficult for the gullible Piscean to be placed under any category as they are supremely ruled over by their emotions.

Many consider the twelfth zodiac to be humanity’s collective unconscious. Pisceans are dedicated individuals who are adaptable to changes in their environment. They are the intuitive ones who are rather introverted and tend toward secrecy. Pisces are the artistically charming lot who are difficult to classify. They are compassionate as they are wild. Pisces are the romantics.

Moons and Houses of the Zodiac

The House of Aries

What are the 12signs of Zodiac? The First House is Aries and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries rules over the head. The Moon over Aries is passionate on, with the need to blaze on as it contemplates, searches, and experiments to gain results. The quicker the better! The Moon over Aries is one with a temper.

The House of Taurus

Taurus is a feminine sign. It is the first Earth sign as well as the first fixed sign. Taurus resides in the throat and neck. Having any sort of close relationship to a Moon in Taurus gives those closest to them a comfort in their steadiness. Intimacy and familiarity is vital to the strong-willed Moon Taurean.

The House of Gemini

What are the 12 signs of Zodiac?Gemini lords over all kinds of communication forms. This house also is relative to siblings, schools, community affairs, local travel and neighborhoods. Moon in Gemini are people who are curious about almost anything and have a great ability to gain and store information. They are great talkers, thinkers and readers. The Lunar Gemini is charming as they are clever and quick with a joke or a smart remark.

The House of Cancer

The House of Cancer deals with mothering traits of nurturing. The birthstone of Cancer is the moonstone. They are perfect for dealing with antiquities, are good archeologists, suitable in the catering or hotel business. The Lunar Cancer is one who shows great promise in sensing and recognizing emotional changes people go through when they themselves are often wrapped up in their own world.

The House of Leo

Leo governs the eyes, spine, and the heart. It governs creativeness in the individual as it rules over self-expression, attention as well as play and recreational fun. It is a Masculine sign. The Lunar Leo likes to take control of things and take charge of their domain.

The House of Virgo

It lords over routines, diet and exercising, healthy living the natural and simple way. They are in-service to others and are good in ruling schedules and have good organizational skills. Lunar Virgos for lack of wanting to put themselves out there have been called unambitious and lacking in self-confidence but in fact this is what they know to be themselves and take pride in living simply and in the background giving support.

The House of Libra

It is the house which lords over the personally binding relationships and business partnerships which come with a contract in shared-relations involving enemies, marriage, divorce, fights, and lawsuits.  People, men, women and children, gravitate toward them because they are charming beings who are not only attentive of you; they listen and are quite attractive to be around.

The House of Scorpio

It rules over monies and possessions i.e. property, investments and inheritance. Leave it up to the Moon in Scorpio to seek out experiences to stimulate their inner selves. Uneasy with the mundane the Lunar Scorpio will not think twice about pushing their limits and setting new heights.

The House of Sagittarius

They are known for their optimism. Sagittarius individuals aim for higher learning and foreign languages. They are quick to adapt to changing it up and will not back down from a spontaneous side trip.

The House of Pisces

What are the 12signs of Zodiac? Pisceans are inspirational individuals that tend to be good in higher learning. The Lunar Pisces are true blue friends who don’t pipe up too often but are always attentive – they’re the ones who listen and laugh at the right times. They are remarkably intuitive people who have a great sense of empathy often losing themselves in other people’s sorrow.

The House of Capricorn

They seem reserved as they ponder on decisions and are careful to respond, mindful of the environment around them. The Moon in Capricorn has a powerful urge to feel needed in the world. Productivity is what the Lunar Capricorn needs to be able to feel useful and of service.

The House of Aquarius


Whether on a quest to know more about your inner workings or to quench your thirst for more knowledge on the subject, we hope that we have whet your appetite enough for you to press on and discover more. If you want to know more about the astrology, check out the video below:

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